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God-sized Prayers


Yesterday I read a blog post, What if God Said Yes? by Cynthia Bezek.  A friend had challenged her with the question, “What if God said ‘yes’ to every prayer today?  Would our neighbors or nation notice?  Are we praying radically?”  Her article stirred something in me.  Actually, re-stirred something for me.  A couple of months ago, I was at a luncheon where Kerri Crocker, the founder of, was the guest speaker and singer.  Kerri shared her story of how God called her to start praying for a cure for cancer and inviting others to do the same.


The thought struck me that I have prayed for countless friends and family members who are fighting cancer; however, I had never thought to actually pray for a cure.  I had never thought to ask for God to give us the wisdom and knowledge to wipe out this devastating scourge that has afflicted so many families.  Duh!  Why don’t I pray for the big things?


That was the thought and feeling that once again was stirred in me as I thought about the question put to Cynthia Bezek.  How big is my God?  Am I praying for God-sized things to happen?  If my prayers were answered ‘yes’ today, how would the world be transformed?


I invite you to consider those same questions.  First, look at your own prayers and consider what would happen if God said, ‘yes’ to every one of them.  Then step back a bit and look at the big picture.  Is there something bigger, more substantial or God-sized that you could be praying for instead?  How could you radically be praying to transform your neighborhood, state, country or world?
I am going to be working on God-sized prayers and invite you to do the same.  Let us pray radically.  If you are not sure where to start, why not start with praying for a cure for cancer.  I am going to start by praying for a cure each time I pray for a friend with cancer.  I know God can do this.  Unfortunately, too often I am believing too little, too much.


Blessings on your prayer life.


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