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A Prayer for Teachers

Last night I was skimming Facebook status lines before I called it a day and noticed one in particular by my friend Angie S. in Missouri. She offered a prayer for teachers Her status read as follows…

Angie S. has been saying prayers all day for all of her friends associated with educating children! I pray you have a great/fun school year, students willing to grow/learn, supportive/cooperative/non-judging parents, that you are able to go to work each day feeling refreshed and ready, that you are able to be the voice for students who lack the support at home, and that you are able to remember that each child is a child of God and someone’s baby. I also pray that you are having so much fun that the school year flies by and that you feel inspired like you did your first year in the “business”! Good luck all my fellow educators – teachers from preschool up to college, principals, support staff – all of you make such an amazing difference in the lives of many students! Don’t forget that!

I know this prayer comes from a knowing empathetic heart because Angie taught High School Mathematics for a number of years. Would you join me in joining Angie in offering a prayer for teachers between now and the beginning of school. Thanks.

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