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Be a Stinky Disciple–7 power tips!

Several months ago I posted a video called “Ways to be Miserable“.  Life coach, Tim Brownson, does a wonderful job of playfully giving us pause by making us think about the behaviors that lead to exactly where we don’t want to go.  Inspired by his example, I have created my very own, “7 Power Tips to help you be a Disciple that Stinks.”   

Video is new to my site, so some technical issues may crop up.  Let me know if you have any difficulties.  I will do my best to resolve them.  The image and audio isn’t quite where I would like it yet, but is passable.  I value any feedback you may have as video is a new endeavor.  I hope you enjoy and are humorously nurtured by this satirical piece.  Blessings to you from the Practical Disciple.

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  • LOL! What a hoot! Love the list and especially the “Coaster Bible”. I have got to get me one of those!

    I will be working on becoming more stinky everyday. I’ll have to give up ushering at church and no more praying too. That’ll really get in the way. Thanks for all the great suggestions. Now on to make them happen!

    Laurie 11 years ago

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