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Daily Bible Reading Guide and New Recommended Resource

I have added to the right side bar an area that says, “Today’s Scripture Passage”.  You can find it just beneath the recommended resource.  I have added this tool for anyone wanting a recommended reading for each day of the year. This is a sequential plan that takes you through the Bible in one year, beginning with Genesis in January through to Revelation at the end of the year. Sequential reading is not what I typically recommend, but hopefully this tool will help those who would like to take that route. Don’t forget that there are also 5 Great Bible Reading Plans on the Practical Disciple Resource page.    Too see those plans click here. Use one.  You are far more likely to be consistent if you will just be sure and use a daily Bible reading guide.

9885810ae7a0a4c3ac4c2210l_aa240_1I have also changed my recommended resource to my current study Bible, The New Inductive Study Bible.   This Bible is ideal if you are wanting to read the text and create your own headings and comments based upon your own observations.  It’s wide margins, blanks for chapter headings, guidance on what to watch for and mark in the text, and space for outlines at the end of each book, make it perfect for this purpose.  This Bible is a New American Standard (NASB) translation and is one of the most literal translations available. If you are new to Bible reading I would not  start with this Bible because there are no headings or explanatory notes offset from the text to aid the beginning reader.  There are  a few study helps in the back along with a brief concordance.

For new Bible readers I would recommend the Life Application Study Bible, NIV.  It contains a lot of great questions and notes that help you reflect on how to put God’s Word to work in your daily life.  I am finding The Life Application Bible harder to find as an NIV.  This may just be a regional issue.  Its seems more available as a New Living Translation which I do not care for as much.

Blessings to you in your reading of God’s Word.

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