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Black Friday to Cyber Monday Deal

I’m celebrating Black Friday through Cyber Monday with a sweet deal!

As many of you know for the past week I’ve offered a free video class online called, “Secrets to Praying More Everyday, Even if You are Insanely Busy.” The response has been amazing.

People made leaps forward in their prayer life because someone (me) gave them step-by-step help. That mini-course which rapidly helped many people start praying more is just the tip of the iceberg of what I have for those who are ready for more.

If you’ve been feeling distant from God, dry in your faith, feel at a loss on how to prayer, or just ready to step it up as a disciple, there’s never been a better time to join my course, The 5 Pillars of Life-Changing Prayer than this weekend.

Why? Because just for this weekend, you will save $50 off of the course! (I’ve never reduced the price before and don’t know when I will again so don’t wait.) You don’t need a coupon code, I’ve already reduced the price.

Plus, you get several awesome bonuses. You can read below ALL of the details. I emphasize ALL because this post is embarrassingly long, but I wanted to answer any questions you might have about the course or bonuses.

So check out the details below OR if you know you are ready for a life improved by prayer use the link below. Oh, one more thing this reduced price and bonuses are only available until Monday at midnight CST. If you’re interested, move quickly.



I want you to be fully aware of how The 5 Pillars of Life-Changing Prayer can help you create a prayer life that is transforming you and your connection with God, so that you can experience greater peace and meaning every day.
But first it’s honesty time.

  • Are you 100% happy with your relationship with God?
  • Are you satisfied with your current level of discipleship?
  • Is prayer a vibrant connection for you that helps you confidently face life’s challenges?
  • Is prayer changing your life?

Here’s one way I know the answer to those questions…
Each morning I wake up and declare, “I greet this day with joy for I am blessed.” Most mornings I say that and mean it from the very depths of my being, regardless of my circumstances–even if life seems to be smacking me down.

Occasionally, I can’t. Occasionally, I make that declaration through gritted teeth and have to fake it until I make it.
What is the defining difference?
I have discovered the defining difference between heartfelt joy and just getting through the day (regardless of circumstance) is the condition of your prayer life. The 5 Pillars of Life-Changing Prayer is a tool insuring that my prayer life stays rock solid so I can stay in that place of peace and joy that God desires for us.

If when you woke up today you weren’t able to declare with absolute confidence, “I greet this day with joy, for I am blessed” then I have good news — You can take charge of your situation, by changing your prayer life so that prayer changes your life.

I know this because I have done it myself and have had the honor of helping others do it too. That’s why I created the 5 Pillars of Life-Changing prayer.

The 5 Pillars course is a tried and true program of step-by-step instruction that can help you have a rock-solid prayer life.
If you are struggling because you’re…

  • too busy to pray
  • your mind wanders endless while trying to pray
  • you don’t see God at work
  • you wish prayer didn’t feel like you are leaving voice mail
  • you’re not really sure how to pray
  • you know how to pray and that you should, but you’re not making it the priority that you desire.

Then you really need to invest in changing your prayer life, because there is no need to have those struggles.
Imagine how it would feel to be fully present to God in a soul refreshing time of enjoying His presence
Imagine how it would feel to make a decision you were struggling with confidently, knowing in your heart it was the right choice because you truly had taken time to pray about it and find peace.
Imagine spending time with God regularly being something you couldn’t wait to have, rather than feeling guilty for neglecting time with the Lord.
Imagine facing a crisis (and rather than being stressed) carrying within you that peace that surpasses all understanding.
Lastly, imagine having a step-by-step guide to help you grow you prayer life and how great it’s going to feel connected to a community of like-minded people who earnestly desire to spiritually grow just like you

These aren’t far fetched fantasies. These are knowable realities with the right training for a growing relationship with God through prayer.


The 5 Pillars Program is the most comprehensive online prayer training program online for spiritually hungry christians who want to continually grow in living faithfully.

It’s a five module video based training program that teaches smart and timeless principles and strategies for people who want to pray better and more deeply know God’s peace and joy.

The 5 Pillars are: Consistency, Focus, Breadth, Depth, and Integration.
Here’s what we cover in the modules:
Module 1: Consistency–Creating and Maintaining a Sacred Routine

  • What does scripture have to say about consistency?
  • Why a daily discipline of prayer is a critical
  • Four fruits of a daily devotional time
  • My personal seven step prayer sequence
  • Three keys to never missing a daily prayer time
  • Action plan suggestions to apply this module
  • Q&A from the original webinar

Module 2: Focus–Strategies for Conquering Distraction

  • The importance of staying focused on progress versus perfection
  • The reason focus is so critical
  • Understanding why you can’t focus your thoughtsHow to limit distractions through mind and body engagement
  • The power of an “agenda” with three suggested approaches
  • How to open your time with God well using ‘presencing’ for a more intimate relationship with God
  • More powerful prayer through visualization
  • Four strategies for keeping prayer fresh through engaging your body in prayer
  • Ten strategies to reduce the silent killer of prayer — fatigue
  • And more strategies for keeping your mind from wavering from God’s presence in prayer
  • Suggested action steps for this module
  • Q&A from the original webinar

Module 3: Breadth–Expanding Your Prayer Vocabulary for a Richer Connection with God.

  • Letting go of the ‘catch up’ mindset
  • What is breadth and why is it important?
  • Using the strategy of ‘exposure’ to expand your prayer vocabulary with devotional guides
  • The ACTS prayer model, a holistic way to broaden you prayer life
  • How to tackle recurring sin through prayer, so you escape behaviors in which you are trapped
  • The TRIP prayer model, another great holistic model of prayer
  • The Examen prayer model for growing your awareness of God’s activity throughout your day
  • The Five Finger prayer model (a great model for kids every parent should know)
  • Confession as an ongoing discipline and three other models of prayer
  • The bible based strategy of imitating great prayer (this is a crazy simple and helpful strategy for beginners)
  • Ten ways God answers prayer
  • Recommended actions steps
  • Q&A from the original webinar

Module 4: Depth–Keys to Greater Maturity and Intimacy with God

  • A deep dive into the 8 stages of spiritual growth
  • How to recognize when you are hitting ‘The Wall of Grief’ and are self-sabatoging your spiritual growth
  • What to do when you start hitting your walls in order get through them and not get trapped in spiritual adolescence
  • This lesson will prepare you to profile where you are in your spiritual journey and the specific types of activities necessary to advance
  • Q&A from the original webinar

Module 5: Integration–Blending Prayer with Daily Living

  • Techniques to insure you prayer more frequently throughout your day
  • How to make your daily devotional time shape your daily living
  • Using ‘trigger’s and prayer alarms to prompt you to pray throughout the course of your day
  • Identifying your G.I.F.T. (Godly Intention for Today) to start taking concrete discipleship actions daily
  • Four things you absolutely want to be looking for when you read scripture so your reading translates into transformative growth
  • Q&A from the original webinar



Students in this program range from total beginners to veterans of prayer. There are three specific type of people who I would love to see join this program:
The total beginner who is struggling with how to even start a conversation with God. You might wonder if you doing it ‘right’ or how long you should spend in prayer. You have a sense that prayer is important but just not sure how to go about it. You likely never had any teach you to pray.
The person who knows how to pray and that they should pray, but isn’t regularly. You might be in this category if you feel guilty for not praying more. Or, if you tend to only go to God when your facing a challenge. Perhaps, you intend to pray, but are always putting it off only to pray a few minutes while falling asleep on your pillow at night.
The committed growth hungry believer. You pray regularly and you are always looking for tools to help you grow as a disciple. Here is the amazingly cool thing about the 5 Pillars of Prayer–this is an ‘evergreen’ system. But that I mean, you never outgrow the Five Pillars of Prayer. It’s a system that allows you to repeatedly reexamine your prayer life and apply tools to keep it growing. Which means you keep growing.

Really anybody who wants a better relationship with God and would like to enjoy the peace and groundedness that comes from being powerfully connected to God through prayer…the 5 Pillars if for you.

So, it doesn’t matter how new you are to prayer. The only thing that matters is that you are willing to invest some time each day into growing. It’s more about your commitment to making a little progress everyday so that you can grow and be your very best for God, than anything else.

This program is for you if you know that with some investment on your part that anything is possible with the right training, support, focus and commitment.


It’s not right for you if you are a dabbler. If you like to jump from book to book and class to class, but you seldom apply what you learn. This is for folks who want to roll up their sleeves and improve how they pray, not just know more about prayer. Don’t sign-up if you aren’t ready to put in some regular efforts at changing your prayer life. These don’t have to be huge efforts, but you do have to consistently apply things long enough to experience the benefits.

My goal is to only work with people who are kind, generous, and committed to learning and willing to work hard because that’s what it takes. I will have zero tolerance for people who are in this program and aren’t respectful and supportive people in the program


All of the training is in a private, members only website. so you can watch the training online or you can download it to you phone or tablet, and learn on the go.

All of the modules are also in an mp3 format so you can listen and learn while you are running on the treadmill, folding laundry, commuting to work, etc.

The modules are recordings from my original live webinar trainings. You will receive access to the original uncut webinars. Plus, I have edited and index the webinars into small viewable segments so that you can convenient watch a few minutes at a time if that’s all you have available.

Plus, you will have access to a private Facebook group that is exclusively reserved for members in this program. Shortly, after registration you will receive an invitation into that group for mutual support and encouragement.


I am providing several bonuses and additional resource materials including but not limited to:

    • A packet of six downloadable PDF prayer models
    • A PDF version of the 2nd edition of my book “Tips on Prayer: A QuickStart Guide to Improving Your Prayer Life.” (This has been downloaded by over 10,000 people)
    • An mp3 audio version of the 1st edition of my book “Tips on Prayer: A QuickStart Guide to Improving Your Prayer Life.

And as I write this I have decided to throw in two audio series.

    • My audio series on discerning God’s will
    • My audio series on Increasing intimacy with God through Praise

You’ll get immediate access to this and more as soon as you register.


You may wonder if you have enough time to participate in the 5 Pillars program and get everything out of it you need. Now listen up because this is really important…

Once your register you get life time access for as long as the program is in existence. You can retake the course year after year after year for free. So if something comes up that sets you back a day, a week, a month or even a year, no problem. Or if you only have a few minutes to give a day, and you need to really slow down and go at a different pace, you’re fully taken care. YOU SET THE PACE.

Furthermore, all of the videos have been broken down into bite size segments that you can access 24/7 for as much or as little time as you can give it. As far as how much time it really takes, that really depends on you, where you are at in your journey, how quickly you absorb new information, and how much you want to participate in all that we offer.

Some weeks you may spend more time than others. The bottom line is if you can just carve out a few hours a week you can use the 5 pillars program to fully transform your prayer life and your relationship with God.

Now that said, the real question here, isn’t how much time this is going to take, but are you willing to make the time to build the prayer life and relationship with God that you want? Because if growing in Christ and living as a disciple is important to you then you will make the time and your effort will pay off.

Speaking of this paying off. Let’s talk about the money.


You know that your relationship with God is the most important priority in life. It’s the one thing that will last eternally. It’s the one thing that will steadfastly be there regardless of the circumstance of your life.
If you think about all the other ways you could learn about buiiding your prayer life you could…

…buy dozens of books like I did and experiment for hours trying to figure out what works and doesn’t work.

… attend workshops or retreats that can easily cost 500 or 600 dollars plus who knows what in travel, meals, etc. Not to mention take weekends away from your friends and family.

You could do that if you want to and I am pretty sure none of those approaches come with a risk free guarantee, but the 5 Pillars of Life-Changing Prayer Program does.

I don’t have any problem with telling you that if you try this program and for whatever reason it doesn’t fit your needs — it’s not quite what you expected — I have no problem with giving you your money back in 30 days. Send me a note telling me you would like your money back and I will 100% refund it.

I only ask that you genuinely try to put the program to work before doing that. I know and believe that if you do, you going to be satisfied, not just satisfied but in a much better place than where you are right now.

So, in a worst case scenario, you get to try everything out for 30 days. May be you make some progress, but it’s not what you hoped for and you ask for you money back and you get it.

Or, you put it to work and it becomes a defining difference in your life. You start growing closer to God. Your prayer life grounds you in God peace, so your less stressed. Through prayer God starts helping lead you through your day so that what you seeing, doing and experiencing becomes amazingly meaningful. Because that’s what happens when we are walking in step with God’s will though prayer.

That’s a good thing and I think you are worth that investment. It will make a profound and positive impact on your life.

The 5 Pillars of Life-Changing Prayer Program…

Normally costs $147

You Pay only $97

Order now and save $50

That may sound like a big investment but lets be honest, that’s less than $2 a week if you break it out over a year. If you think about the random stuff you spend money on like a gym membership that isn’t being used, clothes you bought and only wore a handful of times, or a nice dinner out with your family — you probably are spending a whole lot more on stuff that’s not positively impacting your life.

Lastly, 5 Pillars is truly a unique step-by-step program that I believe can change your life, so if you feel it in your heart, then say yes. Say yes–Yes to connecting more deeply with God. Say yes to the possibility of moving into that peace that surpasses all understanding. Say yes to growing as a faithful disciple.

I would love the chance to help you build a prayer life that you love. So click below and I look forward to seeing you inside the program.

Order now and save $50


John Arnold, The Practical Disciple

p.s. Again, you can only get this program for $97 (A $50 savings) by ordering by Cyber Monday before midnight (CST USA). Please don’t miss this window.

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