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Tips for Slowing Down and Reconnecting with God through Sabbath

If you are busy and feeling disconnected from God, you may simply need to establish a Sabbath practice in your life. Our culture has become completed disconnected from both the need for keeping the Sabbath and the fact that it is a moral imperative. God didn’t just suggest or recommend the Sabbath. God commanded the Sabbath. And while many of us would never consider stealing, murdering, or committing adultery, we blatantly ignore the Sabbath.
I originally shot the video above as a supplement to a sermon I had written called, “The Forgotten Commandment”. It was intended as a video for our church website, but after shooting the video I

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18 Free Spiritual Discipline Ideas You Can Use for Lent

Lent starts one week from today. Traditionally for churches that observe Lent, it is a time of reflecting on Christ’s sacrifice for our sins and a time of repentance. Often this season is marked by fasting or giving up something.
Lent has become THE most transformative part of the year for me because starting 7 or 8 years ago, I began adopting a transformative discipline for 40 days. I have done everything from praying for an hour a day to giving up use of my car.
Last year, I released a packet of 18 reproducible handouts of various disciplines that churches are welcome to copy and distribute within their congregation. The disciplines are a mix of study, prayer, and action opportunities. I am

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The Power of Inviting Someone

Invitation EnvelopeOn Valentine’s Day we had 27 children attend a parent’s night out program at our church. That figure is remarkable when you consider a couple of facts. We’re a modest sized church with 4 or 5 children present on Sunday mornings and maybe 80-90 people in attendance on an average Sunday. The vast majority of these children weren’t from our church. So 27 is a rather huge number.
Why so many kids? Did we pay for a bunch of ads? No. Did we put out banners and flyers? No. The answer—Ever child who came except for one was personally invited to attend. One child came because her mom saw

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One thing you must do to move forward when forgiving others

Hurts are hard to leave behind, especially if the other person has no remorse. Yet, God calls us through his Word to forgive as we are forgiven. Unfortunately, as much as I would like the Bible to say, “Only if they are really sorry and know exactly what they did wrong”, it doesn’t.

Several years ago, I struggled immensely with forgiving someone who was constantly working against me behind my back. He could without a hiccup in his conscience pump my hand eagerly after worship and tell me what a great sermon I had and then walk into the Fellowship Hall and tell another member, “I like him, he

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Escaping The Third Stage of Sin, Actively Sinning

We’ve been exploring the 3 stages of sin: Acceptance, Support and Active Participation. In my last post, I focused on the second stage, support. In short, when you are in the support stage of sin you actively enable others who are sinning and they inkind begin to have influence over you. Getting out of that stage is all about eliminating influences before you get sucked into the third stage, active participation.
Once you start actively sinning, escaping it begins by recognizing that your actions are wrong and recognizing God’s authority over you; in short, repentance is needed. Throughout this series of posts I have unpacked the stages via the story of Saul’s sin of persecuting Christians. The third stage is also poignantly

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The Second Stage of Sin and How To Escape It, Support

In my last post, I shared with you the three stages of sin: Acceptance, Support, and Active Participation. I also shared how those each get reflected in the story of Saul’s life as he became a persecutor of early believers. If you didn’t read that article, I recommend you check it out.
The midpoint of Paul’s descent, the stage I would refer to as “supporting sin”, was a stage in which he was not actively attempting to arrest Christians, but he was speaking out and joining the chorus of voices crying out for their persecution. He wasn’t doing the dirty work yet,

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