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What Boy Scouts Taught Me About Defeating Temptation

Devil prowls around like a roaring lion
This past week I preached on the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. That story lifts up a rather discomforting fact. Simply this–Evil is a predator. I know a couple of things about predators from spending time in the woods. First off, predators attack animals they believe they can take down. They look for something smaller, perhaps injured or weakened.
So, it doesn’t surprise me that the story as record in Luke 4:1-13, tells us that Satan tempted Jesus after he had fasted 40 days. Jesus was hungry and weakened. When Satan failed to tempt him the Bible

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How to Start Your Day Strong in Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit

Today’s Podcast on how to Start Your Day Great for God!

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How do you start your day? Do you start your day in a way that helps you live life more fully and more dedicated to God?
In today’s podcast, I share some recent routines that I have adopted that have definitely ramped up my energy and focus. These routines help me more fully love God with my heart, strength, soul and mind.

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The Wrestling Match in My Prayer Closet


There is a wrestling match going on in my prayer closet that would rival any bout of the World Wide Wrestling Federation. I really want to be writing a post about how my prayer closet catapulted me into deeper intimacy with God, wonderful epiphanies, and a touch of that peace that surpasses all understanding. No such luck. Unfortunately, my prayer closet has mostly been a gruesome clash of forces.

If you could watch the spiritual reality of what goes on in my prayer closet I think you would find yourself ringside watching me wrestle myself. God is patiently sitting in the ring repeatedly saying, “When you get tired of doing that

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