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My Favorite Bible Study Resources

I have four bible study resources that I reach for regularly: The New Westminster Dictionary of the Bible, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, the New Inductive Study Bible and the ESV Study Bible. If you are not familiar with these resource, then I highly recommend you watch this short video for a quick tour of each. Then I recommend you get at least one of these resources to begin adding depth and breadth to your reading.
Note: For those of you who are taking my freeThrough The Bible in a Year online course and want a more thorough companion than just the quick notes I provide, you

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Double Your Chances of Staying On Schedule with Your Bible Reading Plan With One Simple Solution

You can nearly double your chances of staying on track with a bible reading plan just by having a set time each day for reading. That’s what I discovered when I surveyed people who are in the Through The Bible in a Year Program by The Practical Disciple.
Thus far 18 people have responded to a survey I released a couple of days ago. The pie chart on the left above represent 10 people who have set times for reading. 70% of them are on schedule with their Bible reading plan. Whereas, the pie chart on the right represent 8 people who do not have a set time for reading. Only 37.5%

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Daily Bible Reading Tip for Busy People

Much thanks to PD reader, Lyn Woods, for an absolutely wonderful suggestion that is a huge help for busy people wanting more time in the Word. Lyn listens to the Bible online. You can search for audio bibles online or purchase and mp3 version.
This can be a really great tip to consume God’s Word on the go. When I was in college, back in the good ol’ days of walkman cassette players, I spent many hours with the bible streaming through my head as I bopped across campus between classes. Absorbing the Word through my ears significantly shaped me.




The great thing about audio is you

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My Big Bible Reading Blunder

I try to enter every day with what I call my ‘Big Five’ list.  I use to sit down and write out a bottomless list of meetings, commitments, tasks, and sundry chores that needed attention.  The list was never realistic.  So, it was demoralizing when I never finished.  Far too many items got carried over than I care to admit.  One day, I realized that what I was doing was idiotic.  I decided to limit my list to five things.  I called it, ‘My Big Five.’  I would only work on those five things until they were done and then I would move onto a new big five list.  It was very liberating and helped me focus and kept first

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Inductive Bible Study Links Fixed

In a prior post I had recommended an inductive bible study method by the campus ministry Stumo and I had links to there handouts.  I recently revisited my post and discovered that the links in the post and on my  resource page were broken.  Seems Stumo decided to rework their site which left my links dangling with nothing on the other end.  Well, the links are fixed and I have copies of the method stored on my server so this won’t be a problem again.  I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.  Here are the new links.

Stumo Inductive Bible Study, page 1

Stumo Inductive Bible Study, page 2

If you are unfamiliar with inductive bible study, essentially you

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Bible Study and Worship Tips: What to Look for in a Sermon or Passage

I have encouraged readers in recent posts to take notes when listening to a sermon and to set goals for responding. I thought it may be helpful though if I offered some suggestions as to what to look or listen for. When I am either doing bible study or listening to a sermon I listen for what I call three basic callings. They are principles, tasks and changes.

  • Principles or life lessons are instructions for how we should live as disciples. For example, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is a general guiding principle that we should seek to be mature in all the time.
  • Tasks are measurable commitments that you believe God is calling you to accomplish. For example, you might

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