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How to Pray Like Jesus, Part 1 from John 17 [Episode 43]


Welcome to the first part in a three part series on “How to Pray Like Jesus” based upon the seventeenth chapter of John. In today’s episode we explore what it means to prayer about our purpose and the daily work of our lives. God created you with particular passions and gifts to serve. Are you taking time to acknowledge God for the gifts and opportunities you have to serve? Are you asking for God’s guidance with your work? And, are you committing what you do to God’s glory even if it seems trivial to you?

If you answered “No to any of these questions, I

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Discover Your Life Purpose [Podcast Episode 4]


Discovering your purpose has needlessly been a seemingly impossible quest for many people.  In this podcast, I demystify discovering you purpose by sharing with you the three essential elements of a powerful purpose.



The great thing about this content is that its not a bunch of theoretical fluff.  This is the EXACT process I used to tap into my passion, unleash my gifts, and make a meaningful difference with my life. The process is a cornerstone for helping me identify my gifts and leveraging those gifts to be a blessing.

For years I felt like a square peg in round hole. I was perennial asking myself what would I do, if I wasn’t in pulpit ministry.  Don’t get me wrong – I loved the churches I served

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Five Deadly Myths That Will Keep You From Discovering Your Purpose

Figuring out your purpose seems to be a daunting task on the level of trying to find the Holy Grail and it shouldn’t be. Actually, you can discover your purpose a fairly simple and effective process which I’ll be sharing in next week’s 5-Day Purpose Challenge.

Literally hundreds of people have used this process and it just makes sense, HOWEVER, you’ll unconsciously sabotage finding your purpose if you’ve bought into even just one of the five deadly purpose myths. I call them deadly not to be overly dramatic, but because these mindsets will kill your efforts at finding your purpose.

So, let’s dive in. We’ll start with a mindset that

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Identify your God given purpose

Regarding purpose–here are a couple of cues to discerning yours:

What skills, gifts, are knowledge do you have that would be beneficial to others? Think about it. When God made you, God gave you a tool box. That tool box wasn’t given to you just so you could feel good about the amazing things you could do. The gifts you have been given are given so you can bless the body. By body, I am talking about the body of Christ. Beyond that body, you are intended and equipped to touch the world.

Ask other people what they think you are gifted at. I am not saying that so that you can pick up a few good strokes from others. Often times a person’s

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God-sized purpose

I was out this morning hanging a load of laundry on my clothes line and thinking about my purpose. That whole–who am I and why did God make me thing. For about two years my the thing that keeps coming to me is that I have blessed to be a blessing. That is probably true for all of us. In my own particular case, I have had a wonderful cadre of mentors from diverse backgrounds who have all fed me in terms of experiencing God and growing in greater awareness of God. More and more I feel the calling to use each waking moment to be a blessing with those lessons.

What has God given you? What are your gifts and experiences? How do

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Purpose, Priorities, and Principles

I have been gone for the last week in northwest Arkansas mentoring boy scouts in wilderness survival skills. What a fantastic week it was. I love working on survival skills. Each time I do I am profoundly aware of the distinction between what is truly necessary in life and what is desireable. I value both all the more for it. Survival is all about meeting the need. When you reduce your purpose down to a central purpose like survival so many other things become clear.

Similarly, I am reminded of the importance of knowing and keeping clear priorities. The frequent answer to most questions was, “What are the survival priorities and where does what your asking about fit within that?” Often times the answer was

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