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Why I have a little orange army man in my prayer closet

When the whole nation had crossed the Jordan, the Lord said to Joshua, “Choose twelve men, one from each tribe, and command them to take twelve stones out of the middle of the Jordan, from the very place where the priests were standing. Tell them to carry these stones with them and to put them down where you camp tonight.”

Then Joshua called the twelve men he had chosen, and he told them, “Go into the Jordan ahead of the Covenant Box of the Lord your God. Each one of you take a stone on your shoulder, one for each of the tribes of Israel. These stones will remind the people of what the

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The Three Essential Elements of Discipleship

In Jesus’ day when someone was referred to as a disciple (Greek term is mathetes) it meant that the person was a “student”, “pupil”, “follower” or “adherent” to the teachings of a great religious leader or teacher of philosophy. A disciple was a student who would strive to learn, live, and share what was taught to him or her. Ultimately, disciples were seeking to become like the teacher they followed.

The Practical Disciple is dedicated to helping people be better disciples of Jesus Christ through simple daily practices that anyone can understand and apply. I’ve always organized the content around three essential elements that I believe are core to faithfully and consistently growing as a follower of Jesus Christ.


Obviously, if a disciple is

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Five Deadly Myths That Will Keep You From Discovering Your Purpose

Figuring out your purpose seems to be a daunting task on the level of trying to find the Holy Grail and it shouldn’t be. Actually, you can discover your purpose a fairly simple and effective process which I’ll be sharing in next week’s 5-Day Purpose Challenge.

Literally hundreds of people have used this process and it just makes sense, HOWEVER, you’ll unconsciously sabotage finding your purpose if you’ve bought into even just one of the five deadly purpose myths. I call them deadly not to be overly dramatic, but because these mindsets will kill your efforts at finding your purpose.

So, let’s dive in. We’ll start with a mindset that

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9 Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose

“Why did God make you?” I recall hearing a retreat director in college ask a fellow retreatant that question. All I could think was, “I’m glad he’s not asking me. I don’t have a clue.” Little did I know I would be asking “What will I do when I grow up?” for about thirty more years. I am not alone. Seems numerous people are dissatisfied with their lives and yearning for a greater understanding to spend their time. That yearning isn’t bad, provided people come up with answers.  A couple of years ago I discovered a sweet spot of purpose where life is a whole lot more meaningful, fruitful, and enjoyable. That

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A Protestant Novena, A Dose of the Ghost

The following post was originally published May 12, 2010. I’ve republished this along with a related devotional series now compiled into one convenient nine day prayer guide about the Holy Spirit. The video is a recording of a live Facebook Session, done God-incidentally almost 7 years ago to the day of the original post. You can download your free copy of the prayer guide at the bottom of the post.  Blessings.

“Protestant novena” may be an oxymoron, because as far as I  know a novena is a totally catholic thing.  I wonder how many people reading this have even heard of a novena.  I never had until this morning.  Or, at least

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Are you hearing these three calls to action in scripture?

God's Calling...

God calls us through his Word to grow as disciples. You will encounter three basics calls to action in scripture: principles, tasks, and changes.  Recognizing these three ways God calls us is the bridge between bible study and application.

Why?  Because when you read scripture daily and actively look for these three calls, you will more often hear and apply God’s Word to your life. Here are the three types of calls:

PRINCIPLES to implement

“Love you neighbor as yourself” is an example of a principle for Godly living. Scripture is filled with basic commands and guidelines for how we are to live faithfully. Principles tend to be timeless maxims

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