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Check your pulse

     Today in worship we celebrated the sacrament of communion. At one point I sat holding my small cup of juice, looking intently at it. I noticed this slight rhythmic pulse in the surface tension of the juice. The moment was reminiscent of the scene in Jurassic Park as a T-rex approached and tremors appeared in a coffee cup, only on a micro-level. At first, I thought it was picking up the movement of the Elders as they served the choir. Then I realized it was my own pulse.

     This grabbed me as poignant. My pulse registering in Christ’s blood as I sat still and aware as I possibly could in worship. My life in his blood.

     I have been taking time to sit in stillness at night when everyone has gone to bed. I spend a half hour in morning prayer using the Book of Common prayer as a guide and then I practice centering prayer in the evening for about twenty minutes. Stillness has a way of bringing you to really amazing heights of awareness of God’s presence.

     My evening practice of being still is slopping over into moments of my daily life. Like sitting in worship. Holding a cup. Savoring a moment of intimacy with the Lord. Feeling a sense of having a deep connection, something as vital as our life blood. Him coursing through me, yet not in some dramatic epic fashion. Subtly. Unseen. Christ is here like the beating of our hearts constantly nourishing the cells of our body. It takes moments of stillness to recognize your pulse.

     Have you given God stillness? Have you paused to listen for your Spirit pulse? If you haven’t, how do you know you are spiritually alive and healthy?

     Take time and just be still at some point today.  Just sit and listen.  Literally do nothing else. When your mind starts to go crazy, just pause and look at what is around you.  What is going on right now?  Praise God for the moment of stillness and quiet and listen for the pulse of God flowing in your life.

     Blessings to you as God meets you in the quiet.

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  • When I was reading your post I was reminded of the Verse in John:
    “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

    I loved the idea of your life pulse flowing through the blood of Christ. We are all connected to Christ. You are right, we need to be still and tune out the distractions that keep us from hearing God’s voice.

    I am thankful that my life is intertwined with the life of Christ. Because apart from him, I AM NOTHING!

    Laurie 11 years ago

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