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An Easy First Step to Being a Christian Mentor

In yesterday’s post I shared that Paul mentored Timothy by adopting and investing in him. These are the two most basic things we must do in order to be a christian mentor to someone. But what is a practical way we can begin this process?

Follow Paul’s Example–Write a Letter

I issued the members of my congregation a mentoring challenge. It’s simple. Follow Paul’s example and write a letter. Pick someone to mentor. Send them a letter that emulates Paul’s letter.  Include in your letter all or some of the following parts that Paul did.

  1. Voice your adoption, i.e.  “Dear Jan, You are like a daughter to me…”  “Dear Bob, I value our friendship, but more importantly you are my brother in Christ.”  “Dear Martha, you have always been like a spiritual grandmother to me.  Thank you.”
  2. Voice your prayers, i.e.  “I am so thankful to God that you are in my life.  My prayer for you is that…”
  3. Instruct, encourage or comfort with spiritual truth, i.e.  “I know that you are having a difficult time right now and I just wanted to remind you that you can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you.”  “Don’t forget that God is always near you.”  “Know that God understands your struggle.  Christ suffered more than we will ever know.  He died for us, lives for us and intercedes for us.  What more could we ask for?”  or “Scripture tells us to give thanks in all things.  Take time and write a gratitude list today.”
  4. Follow-up.  Mentoring isn’t a one shot deal.  It is a life-long investment in another person.  Note that Paul wrote more than one letter.  Visit with your mentee whenever possible.

I would urge you today to adopt and invest in the next generation of faith.  If we all regularly adopted and invested in others as Paul did even with something as simple as a letter, the kingdom of God would almost surely be expanding daily.  Write now I have about 1500 visitors a month to my website.  Imagine if even half of you wrote letters.  Think of the impact that God could make in the lives of people with 750 letters.   And seriously, how long do you think it would take you to write someone a letter?  Imagine though what that letter might mean to that person.


Handwrite the Letter

Lastly, I encourage you to sit down and physically handwrite a letter. Why should you do that instead of an email or message on facebook?  I have written letters in the past and find that people will often hold on to a physical letter and it has a way of resurfacing at critical times and ministering to them over and over again.  I know I have had this happen to me.  Also, your physical letter will make a far stronger impression upon the person you write because so few people take the time and effort to handwrite anything anymore. I would urge you to take the challenge and write a letter to someone today. It is an investment of the kingdom of God that will cost you next to nothing, but could potentially bear unlimited fruit.

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