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Daily Check-up

Before I talk about the value of a “daily check-up”, I just want to mention that I will be making podcasts of select sermons available in the next week or so. I have a couple of technical gliches to work out and then I should be good to go. So, stay tuned and check back-in for podcast.

Now regarding daily check-ups–One way to enhance our discipleship progress is by daily evaluating our progress. The key is having a clear criteria for evaluating and allowing a few minutes during a quiet time at the end of the day for reflection. For example, if you are working on being more mindful of God, then reflect daily (preferably journaling briefly) on specifically what that would mean. Such as, how many times can I recall when I specifically paused to think about God or prayer? What God-incidents (synconcities) occurred today that seemed like divine interventions? At what times today do I wish I had been mindful of God? How and when do I hope to be mindful of God tomorrow?

As simple as this may seem, few of us take the time to just be intentional about focusing in on progress in one simple aspect of discipleship. Focused daily reflection like this, with specific criteria or questions for evaluating our efforts, can yield amazing shifts in our faith.

So how do you rate your relationship with God right now on a scale of 1 to 10? What would make it a ten? What specific area of growth would be a step toward ten? How could you work on and daily evaluate your progress in that way?

Start with something small and doable. Build upon the success. God will help you, but you need to be very intentional.

Peace from The Practical Disciple

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