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Discerning God’s Will–Part 1

In my prior post I raised questions about understanding or discerning God’s responses to our prayers.  Over the next few weeks I am going to post a series of sermon that I hope will give you some practical understanding of discernment.

This first piece addresses obstacles that impede our ability to see or hear God clearly at work.  I liken the task to trying to peer beneath the surface of water.  If the water is calm and clear and we know how to get beneath the surface we can enter a whole new and amazing world.  On the other hand, water that is quickly moving or polluted is nearly impossible to see into.   
We have lots of pollutants in our lives that can obscure our spiritual vision.  Sin is probably the first and foremost pollutant.  Once again, this is why some practice of personal confession is so vital to a healthy spiritual life.  Distractions are another major obstacle.  We have many competing voices pulling for our attention.  Learning to pick out God’s voice from the others is an art and a discipline.  Lastly, incomplete business can be another obstacle.  Sometimes God is silent because we have not yet been faithful with what already has been given.
As you listen think about what sin may be unaddressed in your life, what distractions constantly pull y our attention away from God and lastly, those tasks that God has called you to do that you have avoided.  Until these obstacles are removed it is going to be tough discerning God’s will. Blessings from the Practical Disciple.

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