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Follow-up on Space For God

Just last night I spoke to someone about how their boyfriend keeps a Bible on a music stand in his room. Everything around it can be clutter and chaos, but the music stand holds its own orderly space with an open Bible. It is his space for God. One thing I was struck by, was how much this was a silent witness to her of his faith. Having a space both physically and temporally can be an unspoken witness of the priority of God in your life.

A number of years ago, I worked in a church in Oklahoma city and utilized a prayer room as my space for God. I was the associate director of a summer youth program. I would come early frequently and go into the prayer closet for a morning time with God. I was struck by how respectful people were of that time. Several times I would come out of that closet and find a youth patiently waiting to talk to me. People respect someone who is accomplishing what they wish they had the discipline to do. Many people desire a richer, fuller prayer life. Your space for God, whether it be physical or a space of time can be very inspiring to others in a quiet way. Just one other great reason to get intentional and set apart a time and space.

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  • I’ve enjoyed listening to you in the voluntary simplicity class- you’ve been very inspiring

    Briana 11 years ago

  • Briana, thank you. I was a bit concerned that I spoke too much, but perhaps not. Also, thank you for stopping by my blog. I am honored that you took time to do so. See you at class. Blessings.

    John Arnold 11 years ago

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