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Four Reasons You Can’t Focus in Prayer and How to Overcome Them [podcast episode 3]

Do you struggle to stay focused when you prayer? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, this is perhaps the number one prayer struggle people report to me.

The great news is that conquering your wandering mind is actually one of the easier prayer problems to fix. Staying focused all boils down to consciously and strategically engaging your mind and or your body while you are praying. For example, something as simple as writing out your prayers or praying out loud can immediately and dramatically increase your focus.


  • Understanding distractions both internal and external.[4:50]
  • Understanding boredom. Yes, you can be bored during prayer and your mind will wander if you are.  [8:41]
  • Understanding how incessant interruptions have conditioned your mind to hop about so much so that even if you limit external distraction you unable to be still and present.  [10:20]
  • Introduction to the two primary ways we can proactively bring our attention back to God during prayer[12:30]
  • Physical engagement strategy number one – Praying out load. [14:15]
  • Physical engagement strategy number two – Write out your prayers. This strategy offers many benefits beyond just being able to focus better.[16:00]
  • Mental engagement strategy number one –  Adopt a prayer model as an anchor point for you thoughts. For example, using the ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication) prayer model.  [20:18]
  • The pro’s and con’s of having a prayer routine. [23:53]
  • Mental engagement strategy number two – Use a prayer devotional guide.  This actually can engage you physically and mentally. [25:26]
  • Summary of the two physical and mental engagement strategies [29:46]
  • A brief word about fatigue and its damaging effects. [30:36]
  • Description of today’s free resource [33:08]


The Prayer Focus Playbook
I’ve put together a free brief resource guide that includes three prayer models (ones I’ve personally used) to engage you mentally and a brief guide to three ways you can journal to physically engage your prayer attention.



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