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How to Pray Like Jesus, Part 2 from John 17 [Episode 44]


Welcome to the second part of this three part series on “How to Pray Like Jesus.” If you missed the first episode which focused on praying about your purpose you can find a link in related resources below.

Today’s episode covers praying for the people within your circle of influence. Jesus prayed for those whom the Father had given him. God has also placed in your life many people: friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and more…

  • Are you praying for the people around?
  • Do you see them as gifts from God?
  • How about the people who drive you crazy?
  • Are you praying for your crazy-makers?

Jesus prayed even for those who persecuted and crucified him. Listen and learn today about how you to can and should be praying for the people God has placed in your life.

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How to Pray Like Jesus, Part 1 from John 17: Learn how to pray about your purpose like Jesus. If you don’t know your life purpose listen to part 1 in this series and check out the related resources.

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