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How to Start Reading the Bible Everyday and Never Miss It [Podcast Episode 2]

Have you considered reading the entire Bible? Perhaps you’ve made that commitment as a New Year’s resolution. Many people do, but few people actually complete reading the Bible.
Or, may be you have read the entire Bible and now you want to make it a daily part of your life, but can’t seem to stick with reading.  Either way, this podcast is perfect for you.


Long ago, sometime around January of 1983, after many failed attempts at reading the Bible, I started reading four chapters a day and have never missed it since.  The keys to daily reading are actually pretty simple to master.  In this podcast you’ll get everything you need to begin reading the bible everyday.


Key Take Aways You Don’t Want to Miss

  • You can read the bible everyday and enjoy doing so by just implementing a few key strategies.
  • Discover the one tip that will literally make you five times more likely to succeed at keeping a daily time in God’s Word.
  • Learn both the physical actions you can take to establish a solid bible reading habit and the spiritual work you should do every time you read.


Highlights & Time Stamps

  • Strategy #1 – Follow a strategic bible reading plan. Don’t read cover to cover when starting out. [5:55]
  • Strategy #2 –  Choose a set time and place for doing your bible reading. This will literally make you five times more likely to succeed. Don’t leave reading up to when you might have time.  Create a routine around your bible reading. [8:14]
  • Strategy #3 – Don’t get trapped in the “catch-up” mindset that kills many people’s routine and exactly what you need to do should you fall behind.[11:55]
  • Strategy #4 – Adopt a 30 day “do whatever it takes” commitment.  [13:40]
  • Strategy #5 – Prayer.  Learn the two types of prayer you need to be doing every time you read God’s word. [16:07]
  • Bonus Tip – Create a backup plan. Learn why you need a plan B so that you have safety net.  Plus, my personal practice that keeps me faithful to reading the bible when I travel and can’t observe my normal routine.
  • Quick recap [20:25]
  • Details about the One Year Reading Bible Tool Kit resource. [20:50]


Additional Awesome Resources

To make the tips in the podcast ultra-easy I have bundled two free resources together that will ignite your Bible reading.

Bible Reading bundleThe One Year Bible Reading Tool Kit. This helpful guide contains access to thirteen proven Bible reading plans, plus five easy to use strategies that have helped me successfully read the Bible everyday for over thirty years.
The SOAP Bible Journaling Cheat Sheet. Use this printable PDF with writing prompts to help you easily understand the Bible more quickly.

Click below to get your copy of both resources.


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