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Lent is coming, Have you thought about the miracle you would like to see happen?

I just finished creating a “Mark in Forty Days” chart for Lent and am thinking through what I will personally take on. I love Lent. It has become the season that profoundly impacts my life the most each year. I typically don’t give anything up. I take on a spiritual disciple. It is not an understatement to say that Lent has become a time of experiencing God miraculously changing me. I invite you to start considering now how to open a door to a miracle during Lent. Following are possibilities I am considering.

Carrying a ‘Prayer Catch’

Sometimes I carry a tiny notebook to catch ideas for blog posts, things to do, programs, etc. That notebook is my idea catch. This morning I started toying with the idea of carrying a mini-notebook during Lent as a prayer catch for needs that come my way. I would review my prayer catch briefly each morning and evening. This would be my insurance policy for honoring my prayer commitments. I am embarrassed to say that sometimes my intentions and promises out pace my practice. A pray catch would kill the gap and boost more prayer time. Anyone already doing this, please comment below and share your experience.

Taming the Tongue

The book of James recently inspired me to explore practical processes for taming the tongue. My thought is to either set a “tongue intention” such as, using my mouth to encourage people daily. Or, I may adopt a series of intentions designed to replace old/bad habits of speech with new healthy habits.

Forty Minutes Bible Time Per Day

Specifically, I would like to invest some time on developing the Through the Bible in a Year Program that I created. I am not having any difficulty maintaining the reading, but feel like I really need to give the readers more time and support. Another possibility is for this to be a time of writing a book on Bible study for my readers.

Check out the Lent Page

The verdict is still very much out for me. I am working hard on new options. Check out my Lent page and begin to prayerfully consider a spiritual discipline to adopt during the season. As I add new material I will be sure to announce it. What God can do in a matter of 40 days is truly miraculous. To go to the Lent page now click here.
So, if you could see God work a miracle, what would that miracle be? What spiritual discipline would invite that miracle into your life?

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  • Thank you for sharing wonderful ideas for Lent. I read your website all the time and enjoy your sharings. Habe a blessed Easter season.

    BJ Fagan 7 years ago

  • BJ, thank you for commenting. Hearing from readers inspires me to work harder to make The Practical Discipleship a better resource, so I am truly grateful to know when a post or an idea touches someone. Right now I am working on PURE PRAISE for my Lenten discipline and also establishing a solid sleep pattern. I’ve been sloppy with resting and every day I am realizing more and more that to give God our best we have to rest and take care of our bodies. I would love to know if you picked anything in particular for Lent and if so, how is it going? If you are struggling let me know and I will make what suggestions I can. Peace and blessings to you as well.

    admin 7 years ago

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