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Lose 25 pounds of worthless fat…off of your spirit

Just as you need to maintain physical fitness, you need to nourish and exercise your spirit.  The Apostle Paul spoke about the need for and the value of training in godliness.  My guest, Rev. Michael Vinson, in today’s podcast breaks down the nourishment of your spirit into three easy to apply inputs you need every day.  If you are overly busy and thinking, “I can’t even nourish my body properly, let alone my spirit.” then you will be delighted to discover that everything Michael shares can be done by adapting common place activities that you do everyday like showering or enjoying a meal.

Similarly, Michael will share three “outputs” you need daily to exercise your spirit.  Essentially, he is handing you a formula to make sure you get the spiritual equivalent of an upper body, lower body, and cardio workout everyday. Fortunately,his workout is all gain with little or no pain.
You also do not want to miss Mike’s quick tip on spiritually detoxing.  He is going to tell you how to regularly get rid of the “dust bunnies” that are trying to pollute your mind and spirit everyday.  Well, what are you waiting for?  If you are feeling like a spiritual coach potato who has grown flabby around the middle, here is help.  Start working off that soul fat.

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