The Practical Disciple | - Part 4

Gossip, Five Ways Nehemiah Teaches You To Survive It.

Gossip, five ways Nehemiah Teaches You to Survive it

Gossip can eat you alive; particularly, if you’re a leader. But, gossip is nothing new. Nehemiah, a lesser known figure of the Bible, stayed heroically faithful in the face of malicious opposition. You can learn much from his example.

If you don’t recall who Nehemiah was, he was a high official in the court of King Artaxerxes I, a Persian king. Nehemiah sought permission to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the city and it’s walls.

He was granted permission and returned to Jerusalem in 445 B.C. as the provincial governor of the region. He restored the walls with the help

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What Christmas decorations taught me about discipleship

Yesterday I stowed the last box of Christmas decorations safely into the attic for another year’s slumber. I’ll miss them. I love decorations. I love the smell of a Christmas tree, the twinkle of lights, and the walk down memory lane each ornament provides. But next year, they will mean more to me than ever. Here’s why…

This year I found myself wondering how to tackle the Christmas story during our Wednesday Evening Bible Study. Every preacher knows the struggle — “What do I tell these people about a story they’ve heard a thousand times?” It’s the curse of familiarity.

In a last moment inspiration, I departed from

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How To Start Every Day With A Great Mindset

'Set your mind no things from above, not on earthly things.' Col. 3_2
How many mornings have you woke up with a poor mindset?  Perhaps, you are dreading something at work or begrudging your alarm clock. One way to turn around these poor morning starts is by training yourself to immediately adopt a godly mindset for the day the moment you wake up.

I woke up today, January 1st, and said out loud, “I greet this year with joy, for I am blessed.”  This was a variation on words  I’ve been speaking every day for years now.  Each morning I start my day with two thoughts in mind.  First, I declare

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Bible Study and Application: Setting Spiritual Goals

Setting Spiritual Goals

In my last post, I shared three ways God calls you through scripture: Principles, Tasks, and Changes. Today, you are going to learn exactly what to do to apply what you learn in bible study to your daily life. Specifically, how to set spiritual goals for living out God’s Word based upon the principles and tasks you encounter. Here’s how it works…



Principles are lessons that you implement indefinitely. These are ongoing standards of thought and conduct. Some principles such as, “love your neighbor as yourself” may prompt you to fulfill a specific task, such as,

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Treating God Better Than A Celebrity


Ruth With The Officer Who Helped Her Meet Nick Jonas



Have you ever met someone famous? I did, once. I rode an elevator with Stephen King. It wasn’t a big deal to me though because I hadn’t read any of his books. My daughter, on the other hand, met her absolute dream celebrity her senior year in high school. She came face-to-face with none other than the boy band legend, Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

She was visiting New York and went to How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. At the time, Nick was playing the lead role. After the performance,she waited outside

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A quick easy way to nurture prayer in your family and be a witness


I don’t subscribe to many blogs, but one of my absolute favorites is ‘1000 Ways to Pray’ by Adena Hodges. Adena publishes short practical creative ways to meet God. I loooooved today’s post,’Refrigerator Prayers’.

Adena suggests posting a list of prayer requests on your refrigerator. Each time you go to the refrigerator say a a quick prayer and thank God for answered ones. She also recommends leaving a space to check off answered prayers. Brilliant!

This is a fantastic example of one way to increase prayer throughout your day by using a prayer trigger. Triggers are simply common activities that you use as a catalyst for praying.

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