The Practical Disciple | - Part 62

Regarding My Clothes Line

Someone asked me specifically about what kind of clothes line I am using. Mine is what I would describe as an umbrella style line. It stands on a single pole and opens like an umbrella and has 30 parallel lines along it, so you can hang an immense amount of laundry in a small space. The whole thing stands in a plastic sleeve place in the ground, so you can lift it out, fold it up and stowed if need be. I placed it and a similar line like it in the Practical Disciple Resource Center for those interested in seeing what I use or purchasing one. When you enter the resource center click on the “Other Resources” link. I also got a cloth bag that hangs from the line

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Sharing God-Incidents with Children

In my prior post, Responding to God-incidents, I noted the need for us to tell others about what God has done. Recently, as I was reseaching this topic biblically I was not surprised to see that repeatedly, particularly in the Psalms, scriptures speaks of telling or singing about God’s mighty deeds. I was surprised to find though that frequently we are encouraged to do so with a specific audience–the next generation. For example, Psalm 78:3-4 says, “What we have heard and known, what our fathers have told us. We will not hide them from their children; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power, and the wonders He has done.”

When I recognized this instruction I was reminded of a study I read a number

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Back to Basics–my solar and wind powered dryer

I recently read “Serve God, Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action” by J. Matthew Seeth. Seeth has practical wisdom regarding stewardship of resources. I found myself both challenged and informed about taking some steps to reduce. One thing that stood out in my mind was the irony inherit in our desire to limit labor in our lives. We pursue labor saving devices to the point that we become sedentary and unhealthy. Then we have to build physical activity into our lives like running or going to the gym. We have to work more to earn the money to pay for the labor saving devices and gym memberships. Only to find ourselves then lacking time. Way an insane cycles.

In response I have made a couple simple steps. First, I

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Limiting Distraction–Unfinished Business

Some times we struggle to hear God’s voice because we have failed to do something that He has told us. We don’t hear God because He is not giving us anymore direction until we act on what has already been given. I am reminded of the story of the pastor who came to a congregation and his first sermon was wonderful. The only problem was that he just continued to preach the same sermon over and over, week after week. Eventually, the Elders of the church came to him and said, “We love your preaching, but when are you going to preach something new?” He replied, “When you start doing this one, I will give you another.”

I have found that God seems strangely silent sometimes because I have been given

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Limiting Distractions–clutter

So much of hearing God’s voice is just slowing down which for most of us involves simplifying our lives. One way to isolate God’s voice is just to limit the many other voices speaking to us. Two years ago during Lent I decided that I want to work on simplicity. I did so by ruthlessly attacking clutter and excess in my life. Specifically, I set aside 40 grocery sacks in my closet and every day for 40 days, I filled and got rid of a sack. Many sacks went to the thrift shop in our church, some went to people I knew, and a surprising number were just trash.

I learned a host of discipleship lessons during this discipline. One of the most profound was that everything we own, owns a

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Isolating God’s Voice

I had in a prior post written about having a basic daily devotional time with God. There is a lot of value in doing this in terms of honing your awareness of God’s voice in your daily life. When I say voice, I mean it in a broad sense of God expressing Himself through any number of ways. This could be a synchronicity, a person sharing a right word at a right time, a hymn or song on the radio, a strong intuition, a dream, vision, or insight through the Word, etc.

What I have noticed is that when we step apart from our daily activity and seek to observe God’s activity in our life, then we learn to discern God’s activity from other activity. Imagine

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