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Purpose, Priorities, and Principles

I have been gone for the last week in northwest Arkansas mentoring boy scouts in wilderness survival skills. What a fantastic week it was. I love working on survival skills. Each time I do I am profoundly aware of the distinction between what is truly necessary in life and what is desireable. I value both all the more for it. Survival is all about meeting the need. When you reduce your purpose down to a central purpose like survival so many other things become clear.

Similarly, I am reminded of the importance of knowing and keeping clear priorities. The frequent answer to most questions was, “What are the survival priorities and where does what your asking about fit within that?” Often times the answer was inheritantly obvious in just being reminded of the priorities.

Lastly, survival principles drove the answer to many questions. In survival, conservation of energy is a must. For ever ounce of energy expent, energy needs to be reclaimed in some fashion. Frequently, when asked “why?” our response was, “conservation of energy.”

I wonder what those lessons of purpose, priorities and principles would look like when translated to our faith. Life would be so much easier and manageable if we could maintain clarity on these three things. I have some thoughts on what this would look like, but I don’t want to jump to those answers to readily. Give it some thought. I will be back in a day ot two with my perspective.

Blessings from The Practical Disciple.

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