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Ghost Dose #3, A Spirit of Power


For this reason I remind you to kindle afresh the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of hands. For God has not given us a spirit of timidity , but of power and love and discipline. 1 Timothy 1:6-7


     There are multiple truths offered to us in today’s verse, but our focus will be upon one truth.  The gift of the Spirit is a gift of power.  The Greek word used here for power is “dunemaos”, from which we get the word “dynamite”.  I once witnessed dynamite exploding.  I was at a 4th of July celebration and sticks of dynamite were laid out on the surface of a dam and ignited.  We were in a canoe easily a couple of hundred yards away.  I

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Kingdom Value, The Key to making life count

Do you ever stop and wonder about the value of what you are doing?  If not, then you might ought to.  This weekend I visited with my brother and he was talking about his pastor labeling things in his home with the words “kingdom value” and whatever didn’t have it, he needed get rid of.  The idea of sorting my life by what has “kingdom value” has really grabbed my attention.  I can’t seem to let go of the thought or perhaps it won’t let go of me.

The pastor was talking about physical things in his life, but my mind instantly gravitates more toward the activities of my life.  What will I do today that has kingdom value?  What will I do today that adds to the over all value

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Bible Reading Guide, the easiest one ever

My Bible Table of Contents with All Books Checked. Yeah!!! Click for a Closer Look.

Yesterday, I completed reading the Bible again using the simplest plan ever.  Please Note—This is the simplest plan not necessarily the best or most effective plan.  I simply made a check mark every day next to whatever chapters I read and resisted reading anything that was already checked.  That was it.  It’s nothing fancy or complex.  I just checked off chapters and when I completed a book I went and put a check next to it in the table of contents.  I new that eventually I would finish.  Eventually, was yesterday.

I wasn’t

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Self discipline exercises

For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Last night I was watching a video with my son Matthew that was part of an online course we are taking together. It is a course in developing online products. The instructor actually gives away a number of products to participants in the course. They are completely free to reproduce them and put them online. In the video the instructor was addressing the concern that if he gives the products away won’t the market then be flooded to the point that his students can’t realistically compete. The short answer was no. Mainly because he explained that the sad reality is that 99% of the people

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Olympic faith and an olympic father

Every Olympics has its moment. A moment of triumph or tragedy that will stand out and mark that Olympics forever. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the defining moment in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona was the tragic race of british runner Derek Redmond. Redmond was almost sure to win the 400m semifinal race. Redmond was in the best condition of his life despite multiple surgeries on his achilles tendon in the prior four years. As Derek came around the first bend in the track, his hamstring tore. He later told reporters that the pain was so

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How do I take a mundane chore and dedicate it to Christ?

Last night I received the following email from PD reader Angie in Missouri and wanted to share my reply with all my readers because she has a great question.

Yay – Lent starts tomorrow!

I am full of anticipation for Lent!  It is an incredible feeling.  🙂  There’s this guy I know who’s been talking it up for practically all of 2010!  It’s got me all excited.  🙂
Anyway, I need a little help with what I want to do for Lent.  I want to do something along the lines of your 40 days of 40 bags of clutter.  I want to spend 40 days working on getting the basement organized.  That space just upsets me b/c it is so chaotic and things are in boxes and just no organization what-so-ever.  I

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