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Praying Scripture, Two Quick Prayer Techniques

Praying scripture can be a fantastic way to enrich your prayers.  Specifically, following scripture can move you to pray about things you normally wouldn’t, thus broadening your prayer life.  Also, praying scripture can help you focus and pray for longer periods of time.

Two simple techniques for praying scripture are:  1) Using scripture as a topical guide and 2) Paraphrasing Psalms.  Here are some example…

1. Using Scripture as a Topical Guide

Recently, scripture guided my prayers as I was sewing baby quilts and praying over them for the next generation.  I sew for about 30  minutes which can be a super long time to focus on a single topic.  I was struggling to keep praying until the Sermon on the Mount came to mind.  Last year I had memorized the Sermon on the Mount during Lent

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Could This Prayer Have Saved Robin William’s Life?

robinPrayer can transform broken lives. But, do you know how to pray effectively when life hurts? I want to tackle one aspect of that in today’s post as I ponder the recent loss of the comedic genius Robin Williams. This post seems particularly timely during this week of National Suicide Prevention Week. Also, Sept. 10 was World Suicide Prevention Day Be sure and read this whole post because I have a free resource for you at the end.

People around the world deeply grieved the loss of actor Robin Williams. My daughter who is 20 upon hearing of his death rented “Hook” and watched it immediately. She just needed to once again brush up

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One thing you must do to move forward when forgiving others

Hurts are hard to leave behind, especially if the other person has no remorse. Yet, God calls us through his Word to forgive as we are forgiven. Unfortunately, as much as I would like the Bible to say, “Only if they are really sorry and know exactly what they did wrong”, it doesn’t.

Several years ago, I struggled immensely with forgiving someone who was constantly working against me behind my back. He could without a hiccup in his conscience pump my hand eagerly after worship and tell me what a great sermon I had and then walk into the Fellowship Hall and tell another member, “I like him, he

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Powerful Prayer through Visualization

A number of years ago, I listened to a tape series about prayer by Richard Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline. One lesson that stood out to me and made a marked difference in my prayer life was his recommendation to visualize prayer. You will experience at least four beneficial shifts when you incorporate prayer visualization into your prayer life.

First, specificity. When you take time to vividly imagine what your prayer would look like answered and lift that image with all its details upto God you tend to be far more specific in what you pray. For example, I had an extremely unruly Sunday School class of Junior High kids once. (Okay, may

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Expanding your Prayer Vocabulary through Prayer Books

A reader commented on how great the prayer was that I shared in the post, “Eradicating Spiritual Virus.” The prayer came from the Book of Common Prayer. Printed prayers used as a guide for our own prayers can be a wonderful way to expand our prayer vocabulary and awareness. I have two particular favorites that have distinct strengths to them.

The Book of Common Prayer

One is The Book of Common Prayer and its strength is the fact that is “common.” It is common in the sense that we hold or share it together. As I use the Book of Common prayer as a guide for my own prayers, I am always mindful of the

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