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How to Easily Squeeze An Extra 973 Hours of Prayer Into Your Life

I Tie My ShoesI know what you are thinking, “How can you possibly “EASILY” squeeze in nearly 1000 hours of prayer/”  The answer…pray every time you tie your shoes.  Believe it or not, I just read in the April issue of Success Magazine that we spend 973 hours tying our shoes in our lifetime.
So, if you want to give God almost 1000 extra hours of prayer, just pray every time you shod those beautiful feet of yours.  I have always been a proponent of linking prayer to daily tasks, but never realized the cumulative effect. Imagine the thousands of hours you could give God, if you prayed while doing several common tasks: 

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Powerful Prayer through Visualization

A number of years ago, I listened to a tape series about prayer by Richard Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline. One lesson that stood out to me and made a marked difference in my prayer life was his recommendation to visualize prayer. You will experience at least four beneficial shifts when you incorporate prayer visualization into your prayer life.

First, specificity. When you take time to vividly imagine what your prayer would look like answered and lift that image with all its details upto God you tend to be far more specific in what you pray. For example, I had an extremely unruly Sunday School class of Junior High kids once. (Okay, may

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Expanding your Prayer Vocabulary through Prayer Books

A reader commented on how great the prayer was that I shared in the post, “Eradicating Spiritual Virus.” The prayer came from the Book of Common Prayer. Printed prayers used as a guide for our own prayers can be a wonderful way to expand our prayer vocabulary and awareness. I have two particular favorites that have distinct strengths to them.

The Book of Common Prayer

One is The Book of Common Prayer and its strength is the fact that is “common.” It is common in the sense that we hold or share it together. As I use the Book of Common prayer as a guide for my own prayers, I am always mindful of the

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