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Try This Reader’s Tip as Another Great Way to Remember to Pray

picture of women's wrist watch on white background

Yesterday’s post seems to have really struck a chord. Given yesterday’s surge in readers, it appears that many of us struggle with remembering. Among comments I received was another great tip from PD reader, Beth Kaiser. Beth wrote,

“Today’s message reminded me of a friend who, when there was a particularly pressing prayer need, such as someone having surgery, special test, job interview, etc,. he would wear his watch on the opposite wrist. Then every time he would look for his watch and find a bare wrist he would whisper a prayer for that need.”

The nice thing about this trigger is

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The Wrestling Match in My Prayer Closet


There is a wrestling match going on in my prayer closet that would rival any bout of the World Wide Wrestling Federation. I really want to be writing a post about how my prayer closet catapulted me into deeper intimacy with God, wonderful epiphanies, and a touch of that peace that surpasses all understanding. No such luck. Unfortunately, my prayer closet has mostly been a gruesome clash of forces.

If you could watch the spiritual reality of what goes on in my prayer closet I think you would find yourself ringside watching me wrestle myself. God is patiently sitting in the ring repeatedly saying, “When you get tired of doing that

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Ten Ways God Responds to Prayer

I suspect that I miss alot of the times when God is speaking. Sometimes I am not looking. Sometimes I am distracted. And if truth be told, sometimes I am avoiding God. It doesn’t happen too often that I am avoiding God, but every once in a while I get in a slump of sorts and find myself resisting time with God. When I am listening though here are ten ways I have noticed God responding to prayer.

1. Through the Word

I had a friend who was growing in prayer and one of the first conscious experiences of knowng God was trying to speak to him came when he had verses of Scripture ‘coincidentally’ come across his path in

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Praying with My Children Before School Starts

Giving Thanks

Today was the first day of school for my children. All the prep was finished late last night. First day clothes were selected and laid out. I made a quick run to the store for a couple of items that still needed to go in backpacks. The most important preparation of all was prayer. Just before bed we all gathered in our room. The kids and mom piled up on the bed. We took a few minutes to first take turns giving thanks for the summer. Everyone shared favorite memories with God and one another via a prayer.

Painting a Picture

Next, we shifted

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Seven Prayer Tips to Improve Your Prayer Life

Photo by Ruth Arnold

Any prayer discipline can be improved just by applying a few prayer tips.

1)  Schedule your prayer time. You can prayer at anytime and all the time, but have you set aside a time just to be with God?  We make time for what is important and having a daily time just for God improves your consistency.

2)  Pray outloud. I use to like to pray on long drives.  Unfortunately, I found that my mind frequently wandered, until I started praying out loud.  I am sure some passing motorist thought I was crazy talking to myself because this pre-dated handsfree cell phone

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A.C.T.S. Prayer, A Simple Key to Greater Breadth and Depth in Prayer

Do you ever feel as if you are praying the same things over and over again?  Or, do you find yourself at a loss for words only minutes into praying?  Does your mind wander when you pray?  These are extremely common problems which can readily be addressed by simply adopting a prayer model.  I have found that praying an A.C.T.S. prayer is a great way to both focus my prayer and expand my prayer vocabulary.  It is one of my favorite prayer disciplines.  A.C.T.S. stands for:







What does it mean to adore someone?  It means that you love them.  You love who they are

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