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One thing you must do to move forward when forgiving others

Hurts are hard to leave behind, especially if the other person has no remorse. Yet, God calls us through his Word to forgive as we are forgiven. Unfortunately, as much as I would like the Bible to say, “Only if they are really sorry and know exactly what they did wrong”, it doesn’t.

Several years ago, I struggled immensely with forgiving someone who was constantly working against me behind my back. He could without a hiccup in his conscience pump my hand eagerly after worship and tell me what a great sermon I had and then walk into the Fellowship Hall and tell another member, “I like him, he

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How long is enough time for a morning prayer time?

A reader who had recently downloaded my book “Tips ON Prayer” asked me “How LONG do you spend on your prayer routine every morning?” At the heart of the question was a question of balancing time in prayer with the demands of delay life.

So how long do I spend in the morning in prayer?

My 7 step devotional practice can be done in 15 or 20 minutes and I would estimate this is my baseline minimum. The bulk of that time is spent in prayer, scripture reading, and journaling. It’s not unusual for me to spend 30 minutes or more; particularly, if I get caught up in journaling. So, the norm for me can be anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes.
Periodically, I adopt longer disciplines. For

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Tips On Prayer Free Until Midnight, How to Order w/o a Kindle

A lot of people have voiced a desire to get a copy of “Tips On Prayer, A Quickstart Guide to Improving Your Prayer Life, but they think they can’t because they don’t have a kindle. No problem. Watch the video above where I explain click-by-click what to do to get a free Kindle reading app for your smart phone, computer or tablet.
Already have an app or kindle… Grab your FREE copy of “Tips On Prayer, A Quickstart Guide to Improving Your Life.” now by clicking the big orange button below:

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How to Easily Squeeze An Extra 973 Hours of Prayer Into Your Life

I Tie My ShoesI know what you are thinking, “How can you possibly “EASILY” squeeze in nearly 1000 hours of prayer/”  The answer…pray every time you tie your shoes.  Believe it or not, I just read in the April issue of Success Magazine that we spend 973 hours tying our shoes in our lifetime.
So, if you want to give God almost 1000 extra hours of prayer, just pray every time you shod those beautiful feet of yours.  I have always been a proponent of linking prayer to daily tasks, but never realized the cumulative effect. Imagine the thousands of hours you could give God, if you prayed while doing several common tasks: 

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Try This Reader’s Tip as Another Great Way to Remember to Pray

picture of women's wrist watch on white background

Yesterday’s post seems to have really struck a chord. Given yesterday’s surge in readers, it appears that many of us struggle with remembering. Among comments I received was another great tip from PD reader, Beth Kaiser. Beth wrote,

“Today’s message reminded me of a friend who, when there was a particularly pressing prayer need, such as someone having surgery, special test, job interview, etc,. he would wear his watch on the opposite wrist. Then every time he would look for his watch and find a bare wrist he would whisper a prayer for that need.”

The nice thing about this trigger is

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Ten Ways God Responds to Prayer

I suspect that I miss alot of the times when God is speaking. Sometimes I am not looking. Sometimes I am distracted. And if truth be told, sometimes I am avoiding God. It doesn’t happen too often that I am avoiding God, but every once in a while I get in a slump of sorts and find myself resisting time with God. When I am listening though here are ten ways I have noticed God responding to prayer.

1. Through the Word

I had a friend who was growing in prayer and one of the first conscious experiences of knowng God was trying to speak to him came when he had verses of Scripture ‘coincidentally’ come across his path in

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