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Learning to trust

Sunday, I was having one of those days where you just seem off step. The whole morning I found myself moving from room to room either forgetting to bring something I needed or not being able to remember why I had entered in the first place. The whole morning felt that way and truth be told it began before then. As I had worked on my sermon during the week and as the clock kept ticking and I started working even harder, nothing was really flowing. Saturday I went to bed with a whole lot of knowledgeable wonderful things to say about the history of kings in Israel and how Christ fulfilled the duties of what a king was meant to be. However, truth be

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New Lenten Activities and Suggestions for Using Them

I have added two lenten activities to the Lent page making a total of  10 downloadable handouts of lenten activities for you to pick from during Lent.  The two newest ones are:

  • Faith P.E.G.S. In the spring of 2009 I was inspired to take time everyday to Prayer, Encourage, Give and Study; hence, the acronym P.E.G.S.. You can read the original post about that by clicking here. I found that a little work in each of these areas daily strengthened my faith and relationship to God tremendously.
  • The Examen. The examen is a nearly 500 year old practice of reflection at the end of the day that originated with the monk, St. Ignatius. This model of reflection gives you serious pause to consider where God

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  • Powerful Prayer through Visualization

    A number of years ago, I listened to a tape series about prayer by Richard Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline. One lesson that stood out to me and made a marked difference in my prayer life was his recommendation to visualize prayer. You will experience at least four beneficial shifts when you incorporate prayer visualization into your prayer life.

    First, specificity. When you take time to vividly imagine what your prayer would look like answered and lift that image with all its details upto God you tend to be far more specific in what you pray. For example, I had an extremely unruly Sunday School class of Junior High kids once. (Okay, may

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    P’s in the Pod–Obstacles to Experiencing God.

    Do you ever feel like you are just leaving voice mail for God?  Does your conversation with God seem one side?  The Podcast in my article, Finding Bam!!!, addresses some of the common obstacles to seeing, hearing, and experiencing God.  I am going to unpack the core of that podcast here for those who aren’t audio listeners.  First, a brief confession.

    P’s in the Pod–Refers to Principles in the Podcast. I realized recently that in my prior podcasts I wrote just enough to invite people into listening without giving away the content of the podcast.  I guess I didn’t want anyone “cheating” and reading instead of listening after working hard to put

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    Finding BAM!!!

    This past Sunday was an amazing Sunday. For whatever reason everything just seemed to click and flow. It didn’t start that way, at least not for me. Sunday starts on Monday for lots of preachers. That was me this week. I read the text I was planning on preaching from. I prayed about it. I started reading commentaries. I looked online at what other preachers had to say about the text. I offered a devotional on the text for our men of the church breakfast. And guess what? Nothing was happening. I don’t mean to say that I didn’t learn anything. However, I wasn’t feeling any connection to the text or what I had to say. It just

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    Happy Thanksgiving and a word to post T-day shoppers.


    Blessings to you on Thanksgiving Day.  I hope you take time to express your thanks to God.  Consider slipping off on your own for 30 minutes to just sit in God’s presence and with joy voice all of the ways you have seen God’s gracious hand at work over the last year.  Extol God for who God is.  Let God know just how much you love Him.  You might find it meaningful to journal a gratitude list.

    Lastly, for all you shoppers on Friday.  Realize how little of your gratitude on Thursday probably had to do with things.  When you buy, buy thoughtfully.  Find gifts that will make a meaningful difference in someone’s life.  Be a good steward.  Recognize that jumbo sale

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