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What is your favorite substitute?

I was reading a blog on blogging and it was flagging the fact that many bloggers get trapped in activities that might help them, but typically serve as mostly distraction.  For instance, they might habitually check stats or obsess on the design of their blog.  Those aren’t bad activities, but the heart beat of blogging is actually creating valuable content.  I find that I sometimes do the same thing with my faith.  For example, I recall in seminary one time going to the bookstore and browsing what I refer to as the “Christian self-help section.” (what an oxymoron)  Anyways, I am browsing books on prayer when I realize that I had shelves of these.  I didn’t need another book telling what I needed to do.  I just need to pray.

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Prayer Journaling Difficulties and Solutions

Our youth have been prayer journaling for a week now using a method that I outlined in the Prayer Journaling Orientation video posted a week ago.  Last Sunday we discussed their experiences.  In today’s brief video I share 5 common difficulties they encountered and 3 “triggers” for being consistent.  They have had some really awesome God-incidence stories happen because of their prayer journaling.  I can’t wait to see what a couple more weeks of journaling is going to yield.  You can expect more video posts on the lessons they learn.

On another note…Today’s video has a cleaner , crisper audio signal with more volume range over prior videos.  Unfortunately, in my efforts

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Prayer Journal Passages

In my last post, I gave you a video tutorial on one method of prayer journaling. It struck me afterwards that some of you might be curious about the scripture passages that our youth are using. I gave each youth an envelope with fourteen verses and told them to just randomly pick one each day. All of the verses are associated with prayer in some way. If you want to join us, here are the verses we are drawing from to get you started.  They are in no particular order.

  • Matthew 6:5-8
  • Psalm 100
  • Philippians 4:8-9
  • Matthew 6:25-26
  • Luke 17:12-19
  • Luke 1:46-55
  • Philippians 4:4-7
  • Mark 14:32-42
  • Psalm 46:1-5,10-11
  • Luke 11:9-13
  • Psalm 34:1-8
  • Luke 18:10-14
  • Jonah 2:1-10
  • Genesis 28:11-19

Also, I mentioned in the video noting the subject of the passage you are journaling on, but I really didn’t say much

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Prayer Journaling Orientation

Our youth group this past week began a three week journey into prayer journaling.  We are starting with a method that I have used intermittently for over 20 years.  This five minute video outlines the process.  This discipline really enhances my relationship with God.  Specifically, I see God more clearly and I apply scripture more frequently when I journal daily using this method.  My journaling frequently takes as little as five or ten minutes.  I hope you will try it.  May it be a blessing to you from The Practical Disciple.

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Praying for Pastors

A member of my church recently sent an email that contained the following quote in it:

“This soul weariness shines through a few lines of sarcasm one minister wrote in his journal: “If I wanted to drive a manager up the wall, I would make him responsible for the success of an organization and give him no authority. I would provide him with unclear goals, not commonly agreed upon by the organization. I would ask him to provide a service of an ill-defined nature, apply a body of knowledge having few absolutes, and staff his organization with only volunteers. I would expect him to work ten to twelve hours per day and have his work evaluated by a committee of 300 to 500 amateurs. I would call him a minister and make

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One Classic Model of Daily Devotion–the Examen

I teach wilderness skills and frequently  I teach what we call “lost proofing.” We teach techniques to help people stay constantly aware of where they are so that they don’t get hopelessly lost. We need similar tools for our daily spiritual life. One classic tool hone our spiritual awareness of where we are is the Examen, a practice developed by the Monk, St. Ignatius of Loyola.  This nearly 500 year old prayer tradition has been an invaluable practice to many people and a core practice to Jesuit priests.  There are only five simple steps that should take you maybe 10-15 minutes.  So here it is:


Find a spot where you are not likely to be interrupted.  Sit down and settle down. Take a few deep breaths and

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