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The 5 Pillars of Life Changing Prayer



One of the reason people either struggle to pray or fail to grow in prayer is that they lack some way of evaluating their prayer life. In the process of writing my book, “Tips On Prayer, A Quickstart Guide To Improving Your Prayer Life”, I discovered 5 core components to a healthy, growing, prayer life. I call these the “5 Pillars of Life-Changing Prayer.”
I also recognized that certain “best practices” could be used to intentionally strengthen each of the pillars. Now my prayer life is constantly expanding and deepening, as long as I get intentional about following some of these easy to apply strategies.
As you watch the video and I describe the 5 Pillars, I invite you to prayerfully listen for which pillars you need to work on.
If a need to work on any one of these pillars seems to nag at you or may be just flat out slap you in the face, then I would recommend that you download a copy of my book while it is free. (That’s only going to last until, 9/22)
I take just a few minutes at the end of the video to share details on how to get the book, or you can go to to find out more. That’s said most of this video is just raw content on the 5 pillars.
Lastly, here are few reviews posted just today on Amazon:

Review Title: Thank you God for a simple, easy to read, open minded book on prayer.
“I appreciated the author’s open mind to other prayer practices such as meditation and charismatic approaches, and his simple, easy to follow methods. The reason I give the book ***** is because the author referenced the one aspect of prayer I think is the key to prayer; ‘to integrate your prayer with life’. Or, in my words, make your life your prayer, your meditation, your charisma. I liked this book” –Marie Clair


Review Title: Step by Step
This book is a lovely offer for anyone wanting to embark on a spiritual life with prayer. The author gives you clear simple “here is what to do” tools. One also has the sense he is cheerleading you on a journey he knows very well! –Colorado Author


Review Title: Great Primer (& Refresher) for Prayer
Despite being a praying Christian since 1986, I found some wonderfully new approaches in Tips on Prayer. What a great way to freshen up my prayer life!

Also, I’m delighted to have such an easy-to-read quick start guide as a resource to many who may be newer to the Christian faith and are unsure just how to pray.

Be On-Purpose!
–Kevin, Winter Park, FL, USA




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