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The Missing #5

Yesterday, I posted 10 Pitfalls of Prayer I Plummet into, but as one reader pointed out, I was missing #5.  I think five got lost in the proofing and editing and I couldn’t see the trees for the forest.  Anyways, I have corrected the deletion in the original post and am reposting #5 here for any of my subscribers who may have missed it.

5. Failure to plan for changed behavior after confessing a sin.  In our worship, we have a time for silent prayers of confession.  I find myself too often confessing the same things week to week, but fail to sit in prayer and commit to a different course of action.  I ask for forgiveness, but also need to really reflect and figure out how I am going to avoid sitting there a week later praying the same thing.  I need to offer that commitment to God in prayer. 

Maybe my failure to post five was a Freudian Slip!  Blessings as you seek to grow in prayer and wisdom.  Also, thank you Dennis for catching my slip and bringing it to my attention.

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  • Thanks for the new post. My reader doesn’t catch edits to the original post.

    I gave folks a little extra time today for silent confession and reflection – after we corporately confessed some of our failings. That quiet time is very important. But I never thought to give folks a thought to planning for changed behavior. Thanks for that.

    DennisS 9 years ago

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    Escaping the Mine Field of Sin - The Practical Disciple 9 years ago

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