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  • I wish this one didn’t hit home with me but it does. Thanks for the post. Helps me to know I am not the only facing the same issues. Last night I went for a run and spent the entire time praying and saying I was sorry for not spending enough quality time on my 20 minutes of centering prayer.

    Angie Southard 8 years ago

  • “When you get tired of doing that I would really love to spend some time with you.”

    This pierces my heart with a thousand daggers. The truth is, I am so tired of “doing that”. I have lost those “multiple versions of me” that are there to combat Mr O and Open Loops. With every negative me there is a positive me in here somewhere, waiting to be tagged to get back in the ring and fight these losers. Yes, they need to lose 20 pounds, go back to Yoga, and start weightlifting again.

    I would love to hear about your rivals to Mr. O and the gang.

    Sarah Hammond 8 years ago

  • Sarah, thanks for commenting. This post seems to resonate with a lot of people. I probably need to do a follow-up but in an effort not to overcommit during one of my absolute busiest times I am going to share a couple of links from some prior posts that strike on this same subject.


    More later. Again thank you for commenting. Count on a follow-up post, but I need to get the other side of Easter before I can give it the time it deserves.

    admin 8 years ago

  • John, thank you so much for inviting me to this blog about prayer and asking me to read and see if I identified. Simple answer: YES! You commented on my blog http://www.joancwebbblog.com/2011/11/relaxes-muscles-and-centering-prayer and I appreciated it and wanted to come over and read your thoughts about CP and your Prayer Closet, but Mr. O, the Phantom, and Open Loops were meeting with me at the time. Actually, they still are! I’m asking them to sit down and let me be, however. It will take some time. But I’m committed to hushing them.

    Joan C Webb 7 years ago

  • Wow, John, you are just so on point with these prayer posts. This one was spot on with me, I tell you. The wandering thoughts is a real problem for me and sometimes I have to consciously pull myself back into the present of what I’m doing and apologize to God for straying. It’s hard.

    Allison 1 year ago

  • Thanks John good msg. I have struggled with this off and on. I am learning to allow the Holy Spirit to quite the chatter in my mind. I desire a more initmate relationship with Christ and I know this is a hurdle I have to overcome. blessings to you.

    Patty Minga 8 months ago

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