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Thoughtful Gifts and a New Recommended Resource

Recently on a retreat, a friend shared with me a reading from Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence, by Sarah Young.  I was very taken by it.  Sarah was a missionary for 7 years. During those years she journaled and found her writing shifting from a monologue with God to a dialogue.  Jesus Calling is a set of daily devotions written as if Jesus is speaking directly to you.  If you feel more like you know about God than you know God, then I think this devotional guide might be very refreshing.  When I read it I feel like God is personally offering me a word of encouragement, challenge, or instruction.
I am also recommending it because I think it would be a wonderful gift book.  The holidays will fast be upon us.  Many folks will fork over big bucks for electronics and such that will have a temporary value at best.  Jesus Calling is something that would be a great gift with eternal value and that will speak to someone for years to come.  I intend to purchase a few myself to give away.  They are physically small enough to be stuffed in a big stocking.
Whether you get a copy of Jesus Calling for someone or not, take some time to really think about what you will be giving to people this Christmas.  A couple of years ago, I sewed fun pajamas for my son and a wacky psychedelic looking duvet cover with matching valances for my daughter.  They weren’t terribly expensive, but the personal touch gave them so much more value.  This year I am working on a secret project for my whole family that will be loaded with personal touch. Unfortunately, I can’t say what it is here.
Just think before you purchase.  Think of ways you can share God’s love with someone during this season.  Devotional guides, inspirational books, Christian music C.D.s, and study Bibles, are just a few awesome ways to encourage someone’s faith while letting them know how much you love them.  I will recommend some of my favorites between now and Christmas.  Blessings to You from The Practical Disciple.
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