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Three New Lenten Disciplines Posted

I just posted three brand new disciplines to my Lent resource page. Below are links directly to the new disciplines. Each one is a printable PDF, that can be copied back-to-back to create half sheet handouts. Each has an explanation of the discipline and tips for success. There are 10 other great disciplines on the Lent resource page. To see them all click here. Feel free to print these out for your church, Sunday school class, women’s group, etc.

New for 2011


A prayer model for daily confession that will prompt you to reflect on aspects of your discipleship that you might otherwise overlook.

Mark in 40 Days

Mark broken down into 40 readings, plus a prayer journaling format.

Taming the Tongue

Three intentions to adopt to transform you tongue from a source of hurt to a fountain of joy.

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  • Hi John,
    Thank you for your Lenten ideas. This is my second year to try some of your suggestions and am finding them much more successful than my 50 year attempts to give up chocolate or cokes.
    The reason I am writing today is because my church is in need of a youth minister and a children’s church minister-probably seen as two different positions. The search committee needs to come up with a job description. Not to take up alot of your time, if this was your task, what attributes would you be looking for?
    I might also mention we are in need of a senior pastor too.
    On my knees,
    Friend of Missy Parks

    Beth Kaiser 8 years ago

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