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Worship Tips Reminder

Just a reminder that to get the most out of Sunday as I suggested in two recent posts you want to be intentional about worship.  Here are some highlights from those posts as a timely reminder.

  • Bring a Bible.
  • Follow the readings.
  • Note key words, phrases, or parts of the passage that jump out at you.
  • Take notes.
  • Try to reconstruct the sermon in your head almost immediately after hearing it.
  • Set a goal for how you will respond or take action.
  • Discuss the sermon with someone else.  If you really want to remember it, discuss it with at least 3 people.
  • Periodically, review recall the sermon and your goal later in the week.

If you didn’t read the two prior posts on getting the most out of your Sunday worship, then I suggest that you do so or review them prior to your next worship experience.  Here are the links.

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I hope that I am not being too repetitive, but a great deal of research suggests that we have to hear something 7 times before acting on it.  Also, if many of you are like me, what I read on Monday doesn’t necessarily always come to mind Saturday or Sunday; hence, this little reminder on a Saturday  night.  Blessings and give God your very best attention every time you worship.  It is perhaps the most important hour you will spend in a week.

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