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Bible Reading Guide, the easiest one ever

My Bible Table of Contents with All Books Checked. Yeah!!! Click for a Closer Look.

Yesterday, I completed reading the Bible again using the simplest plan ever.  Please Note—This is the simplest plan not necessarily the best or most effective plan.  I simply made a check mark every day next to whatever chapters I read and resisted reading anything that was already checked.  That was it.  It’s nothing fancy or complex.  I just checked off chapters and when I completed a book I went and put a check next to it in the table of contents.  I new that eventually I would finish.  Eventually, was yesterday.

I wasn’t legalistic about it.  There were a number of days where I reread certain chapters.  Sometimes I did this because I was studying it.  Or other times I just felt lead to read a particular section.  Also, truth be told, some days I was really tired and I simply read 4 short Psalms and called it a day.  But, by and large, I resisted rereading and just kept chunking my way through chapters I hadn’t read yet.  I read the New Testament first and then doubled back and read the Old Testament mostly straight through with the exception of the Psalms and a few of the minor prophets.  Psalms I picked up here and there.  The minor prophets I used as a break away from the New Testament periodically.  I read four chapters a day.  How many isn’t necessarily important as long as you just keep at it.

So now what?

I am not certain yet.  I started reading the Gospel of Mark this morning and went through and marked any keywords.  I then listed my observations, questions, and how I needed to responded.  I wrote about 2 pages of journaling.  I do know that I am hungering to do more than just read and get through chapters.  Whatever I do next will be a fairly orderly approach in terms of the content.  More importantly, I think I want to slow down and study what I am reading more closely.  I suspect that I will always read 4 chapters.  After 25 years of doing this, that much has just become a part of who I am.  However, now I have hit a time where I will continue to read 4 chapters but back up and do some real focused work around passages.  I guess the bottom line is I am yearning for a bit more depth.

If you are not reading regularly I highly encourage you to adopt one of the one year bible reading plans on The Practical Disciple Resource Page or do what I did and just start reading chapters every day.  Check the chapters off as you finish and check off the books as you finish them as well.  Blessings upon your reading from The Practical Disciple.

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