30 Sep 2009

Prayer Journaling Difficulties and Solutions

Our youth have been prayer journaling for a week now using a method that I outlined in the Prayer Journaling Orientation video posted a week ago.  Last Sunday we discussed their experiences.  In today’s brief video I share 5 common difficulties they encountered and 3 “triggers” for being consistent.  They have had some really awesome God-incidence stories happen because of their prayer journaling.  I can’t wait to see what a couple more weeks of journaling is going to yield.  You can expect more video posts on the lessons they learn.

On another note…Today’s video has a cleaner , crisper audio signal with more volume range over prior videos.  Unfortunately, in my efforts to improve audio I ran into a technical difficulty resulting in audio coming through only the left channel.  My apologies to any of my readers who happen to be listening via headphones.  I know it’s annoying. I hope to resolve this issue prior to the next video.

Lastly, some of my email subscribers had issues with the last video not coming through with the post.  That is probably a hosting issue, but for your convenience, you will find a link below going directly to the post.  Enough about this stuff. You are here to learn about discipleship.  Go enjoy the video.

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  1. Jim

    John, Thanks for the videos and commentary on prayer journaling. It’s a great idea and one that I’ll adapt for my own prayer time. My discipline for the past several months has been to begin my early morning “prayer diary” time with reading a passage from the Psalms, taking each Psalm (or a portion of a longer Psalm) in sequence. Then I write a short paragraph on what I believe the Psalmist’s intentions were and how the Psalm helps me to praise God. Don’t know if such an approach would be helpful to others, but it has helped me to see the great Biblical themes of God’s faithfulness and unconditional love for us despite the poor choices we make.

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