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Lessons I have Learned about Reading the Bible after 35 years of Daily Reading [Episode 28]


A recent reader, Kristy, shared the following comment,

I have never found the right Bible reading plan, so have tried to read at my own pace and feel that even though I am not following a plan, that I am behind simply because I still have a lot to read by the end of this year and I have this thing in my head that I have to finish the Bible by December 31. It ever seems like what I read is enough; sometimes I read a lot, but it doesn’t seem like it

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ACTS Prayer Method, A Simple Key to Greater Breadth and Depth in Prayer [Episode 9]

Do you ever get in a dry spell with God?

You know…those times when you’re praying the same things over and over again? Or you’ve stopped praying altogether.

Or, do you find yourself at a loss for words only minutes into praying? Does your mind wander away?

All too often it takes a crisis to pull someone out the pit of these problem to they can come back to God with undivided attention. That’s a shame because waiting for a crisis is so unnecessary.

You have a better choice. Adopt a prayer model as a tried and true ladder to get you out of the pit. The ACTS prayer model is one of

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The SOAP Bible Journaling Method [Podcast Episode 5]

SOAP Bible Journaling Method

I am a big fan of using a structure for your devotional time. Following a structure inherently helps you overcome common problems people have keeping a consistent devotional time. I recently encountered a bible journaling model known as the SOAP method. This easy approach is very similar to the daily practice I followed in college. I just lacked the acronym. Before I break down the SOAP method, I want to interject a word about the benefits of adopting a structure for your bible reading time.


First, a method helps you focus. A method offers you

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My Lenten Spiritual Discipline, Why And How I Am Doing It

Lenten Spiritual Discipline, Memorizing Scripture, The Sermon On The Mount

After a lot of soul searching and prayer I have decided to memorize scripture for the next 40 days. Specifically, I’ll memorize the Sermon on The Mount, Matthew chapters 5-7, and live out lessons from it each day.

Why You Should Memorize Scripture

One of my friends on Facebook asked why I wanted to memorize scripture. My response was,

Whenever you dive deeply enough into a lengthy piece to memorize it, I find that you’ve truly internalized it and when that happens it shapes your behavior. Also, pieces of it leap to mind when you really need it. The bible

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Christmas Manifesto Reflection, Guest Post

Angie Southard, a Practical Disciple reader, created 5 intentions for the season of Advent and shared those in a post called Christmas Manifesto Revisted. Those intentions really helped her have a better holiday season and in the process she modeled some great disciplines for her family. In today’s post she shares with you her experience. As you read through the post, note how her simple concrete disciplines reached out and touched people around her.
Also, note that Angie set herself up to succeed by:
1) Having clear simple goals.
2) Physical triggers, i.e. Her prayer jar sat out as a reminder each day and she printed her gratitude blog, so that she could see and review it. These served as great silent teachers and

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The Myth of Originality

Dusk in Venice by Claude Monet

Herman Melville wrote, “It is better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation.” We tend to have a bias in our culture against imitation. Imitation often equates in our minds to fake. For example, imitation leather or imitation fur. Imitation may connote something being cheap or of lesser value. The idea that originality is always better is not always the case. In fact, imitation can be an amazing tool for growth.
When I was a candidate for ministry I had to write a statement of faith that would be reviewed by a committee of my

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