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How do I take a mundane chore and dedicate it to Christ?

Last night I received the following email from PD reader Angie in Missouri and wanted to share my reply with all my readers because she has a great question.

Yay – Lent starts tomorrow!

I am full of anticipation for Lent!  It is an incredible feeling.  🙂  There’s this guy I know who’s been talking it up for practically all of 2010!  It’s got me all excited.  🙂
Anyway, I need a little help with what I want to do for Lent.  I want to do something along the lines of your 40 days of 40 bags of clutter.  I want to spend 40 days working on getting the basement organized.  That space just upsets me b/c it is so chaotic and things are in boxes and just no organization what-so-ever.  I

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New Lenten Activities and Suggestions for Using Them

I have added two lenten activities to the Lent page making a total of  10 downloadable handouts of lenten activities for you to pick from during Lent.  The two newest ones are:

  • Faith P.E.G.S. In the spring of 2009 I was inspired to take time everyday to Prayer, Encourage, Give and Study; hence, the acronym P.E.G.S.. You can read the original post about that by clicking here. I found that a little work in each of these areas daily strengthened my faith and relationship to God tremendously.
  • The Examen. The examen is a nearly 500 year old practice of reflection at the end of the day that originated with the monk, St. Ignatius. This model of reflection gives you serious pause to consider where God

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  • 40 Day Bible Reading Guide for the Gospel of John

    I have just added a 40 day Bible reading guide for the Gospel of John to the Lent Resource page.  It is a check list along with some tips on how to be consistent in your Bible reading.  While this list is set up as a Lenten discipline it really could be used over any 40 day period.  This list begins on a Wednesday and ends on a Saturday six weeks later.  Sunday’s are free days for catching-up or reflecting on a reading that grabbed you from earlier in the week.  I did this because traditionally Sundays are not included in the count of 40 days of Lent.

    Last year a member of my church took on reading the Gospel of Luke in 40 days. That discipline got

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    Adopt a Shut-In

    Ash Wednesday is just two weeks away now. Tonight, our church launched a new discipline for people to adopt during Lent that I am very excited about.  We have 17 members who are homebound or in nursing homes.  Our Evangelism Committee asked people to consider adopting one or more of these members during the six weeks of Lent.  We have a very distinct mission for our adopters.

    At the beginning of Lent we are giving each family in the church a decorative handmade wooden table cross that is about 12 inches tall with a devotional guide.  Each week during Lent we will give out a symbol to add to the cross.

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    Different Tomorrow Today–Get Inspired.

    Heifer Int. Cow and Child, Rwanda

    I mentioned in a recent post that my daughter, Ruth, is going to be raising money to purchase a cow for a needy family via Heifer Project International as a Lenten project. I am really proud of her for taking on something so ambitious. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 17th, but she is already up and running.  She actually cleaned someone’s workshop today in exchange for a gift to her project.  She has started delivering collection jars to local businesses and she has setup a website called DifferentTomorrowToday.com. Her site is enabled to take credit card and paypal donations.  Wow!  How inspiring.

    Ruth is sixteen and doing this unprompted

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