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Living excuse free

In a recent post I addressed the problem of rationalizing our sins.  PD reader Laurie shared 4 of her most common excuses.  That inspired me to share mine.  My experience has been (and my experience is vast) of rationalizing that most of my rational lies fall into one of about 4 categories.

1)  Begging off on other people.  “Everyone does it.”  “I am not as bad as her.” “They made me do it.”  These type of statements are examples of blaming others for the choices you make.  Such words deny personal responsibility.

2)  Thinking ourselves inadequate. “I couldn’t do that I am too old, young,  can’t speak well enough.”  Truth be told you are inadequate.  You need God.  God doesn’t call the equipped he equips the called.  So whatever your lacking, trust

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Spiritual Peak Performance–Mindsets that Kill It

Yesterday, I was talking on the phone with life coach Brad Denham and he was sharing with me four mindsets that radically limit us.  His area of expertise is peak performance and his coaching focus is on winning your inner game.  As I listened to Brad I realized that what he was describing had huge spiritual implications.  He was describing self-deceptive behaviors that I have seen myself trapped by numerous times.   Specifically, Brad discussed with me rationalizing, complaining, blaming, and judging.  Covering all four of these in one post and doing them any justice isn’t realistic.  So, I am going to address them over a series of posts.  I’ll be bouncing back and forth between this topic and the prayer journaling that I am doing with the youth at

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