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What’s on Your "To Be" list

Recent conversations have elevated my awareness of just how busy most of us our. There seems to exist some invisible code within our culture that prompts to fill every single minute with activity and if at all possible multiple activities. Cell phones, text messaging and wi-fi around every corner has also made us constantly interruptible. The result…being focused and present have become very difficult. In fact, being a human “being” and not a human “doing” is a counter cultural challenge.

I am as guilty as anyone. I tend to get out of bed and generate an unachievable “to do” list. Often times far into the day I check my list and find that I have hardly touched the things that seemed so important when

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Stewardship through Saving

A friend and an earnest believer whose blog I have come to enjoy, recently posted an article “56 ways to save money.” You can check out these really practical suggestions for enhancing your stewardship of God’s resources at her blog www.courtney-greengirl.blogspot.com. Way to go Courtney on helping us all with some invaluable how-to help on managing our finances.

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Daily Inventory Keeps You Consistent

Recently, I was reading an article on physical fitness and it mentioned that the most effective tool to enhance your performance was simply tracking your activity in a journal. This is equally true for our spiritual health. Since the beginning of the year I have been striving to be a blessing to others. Every day I journal and I try to always include a few notes of who I have been a blessing to and also the missed opportunities. This simple activity of listing keeps me ever aware. A prayer list, scripture list or list of acts of kindness can be an amazing shot in the arm for any spiritual discipline. One tip to keep in my mind when keeping a journal– commit to

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