My Awesome Family

My Awesome Family

About me

I am a pastor, spouse, parent of two great children and great big kid at heart. Currently, I am serving First Presbyterian Church of Walnut Ridge in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. I love making faith practical. My most profound experiences of God have been through prayer, studying scripture, service and observing nature. So anything I can do to help people practical experience God through these areas, is what I am about.

About The Practical Disciple

About 10 years ago, someone told me that they had attended church regularly as a child. Their parents were very active, but they couldn’t remember every being taught how-to prayer. Another person around that same time told me that their pastor had “should-itis”. He was always telling them what they “should” do, but never “how” to do it. My quest has been to make encountering God and growing spiritually as practical as possible. Four areas of study have helped me the most: prayer, scripture, service, and nature. Most of what you find here will directly connect to one of these four areas of study. Each is a profound way to grow in our connection with and service to God. I know God has blessed me tremendously through each of these and in grateful response I hope I can be a blessing to you.

Peace from The Practical Disciple, John Arnold