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Ten Things to Consider When Buying a Bible [Podcast Episode 7]



Periodically, someone asks me, “What is the best Bible?”, particularly, if someone is new to Bible reading.  Usually, what he or she is actually asking is which translation is best.  Translation is only one of multiple considerations though to keep in mind as you purchase a Bible.  Here are some other features that make for an extremely functional devotional/study Bible.  I’ll deal with translation in a separate post.

1.  A decent size font--Get a Bible with print that it is easy on the eyes, unless your highest priority is portability.   There are numerous Bibles that will fit

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Give a Bible away

Last night I was chatting online with a friend whom I had reconnected with on Facebook after not having any contact for roughly seventeen years. We reconnected last April and it has been fantastic both reminiscing and playing catch up. I don’t know how we got on the subject, but last night she was sharing with me how I had given her a Bible that was the first readable one she ever had. She went on to share how meaningful that Bible had become over the years. I had encouraged her to mark it up and highlight it.   She was reluctant, but did and did not regret it.  Eventually, the Bible was ruined by water damage from a broken pipe and had to be tossed.

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