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Trusting God During Times of Broken Expectation

This past week I was serving as a chaplain at our church camp and also teaching wilderness skills to kids.  Multiple times during the week, I found that my efforts to plan didn’t always work out the way I anticipated.  Instead, something else more fitting to the moment that I never could have planned would fall in place.  I felt like God was trying to point out to me that I needed to trust that when my efforts are faltering, the Lord has something different in mind.  The week was a lesson in trust.   Today I received a pop quiz.

Today, through a serious of small mishaps, I missed a flight and found myself stuck at an airport in Memphis, Tennessee.  Rather than getting sucked down in a pit of pity and stress I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and shoot a video post right in the airport.  Today’s events and my post are a reminder that God is ultimately in control.  Our job is to pray, trust, and embrace opportunities when our expectations do not unfold as we hope.   In the video I also address two common traps we fall into when disappointed:  “what ifs” and “the blame game.”  I hope you enjoy it.  Blessings from The Practical Disciple.

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  • Wonderful reply to being where you did not expect to be, divine appointment, versus your own planning. If we are open to His timing instead of always being on our schedules no matter how disconcerting it might be. Blessings

    Sallie Price 9 years ago

  • Thanks Sallie for commenting. You know the really great thing is, when you get to a place of trusting in that manner, you just are not disconcerted anymore. Life that way is so much more peaceful. I must admit though that it is a lesson I am hit or miss on putting into practice. Blessings to you as well.

    admin 9 years ago

  • I really struggled with trusting God. I was in a bad place with my son and hub and I felt like I was going to end up being crushed by God for a bigger purpose. I was angry at Romans 8:28 and thought it wasn’t a promise for me. Or if it was, the “good” that God would work from all the pain would end up consuming me or my family. I what if’d myself to death wondering if things would be different if I had only…….

    But then God showed me he is trustworthy. He showed up in several ways that made me realize that he was working but at his time and in his way. It has been 2 years since then and God kept his word. I learned he is incredibly trustworthy and has ways to work things out that I couldn’t imagine. Now instead of fighting with Romans 8:28, I lean on it.

    I liked your video. It was a great use of your time. Thanks.

    Laurie 9 years ago

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