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Lenten Devotional, Day 5, Tracking, part 2, Inductive Study (episode #65)

Inductive study can help you rapidly grow as a disciple. In today’s post I will explain, what inductive bible study is, the benefits, and offer you tools to get started.

This past Saturday rather than sitting outside as I have for my lenten discipline, I decided to go animal tracking. I found a couple of dog tracks and engaged in intense focused observation of them. I likened this focus of time and attention to contemplative prayer in my last post.  I also spoke about how this can create greater understanding and a more intimate relationship with God. If you, missed that post

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Lenten Devotional, Day 4: Tracking, part 1, Contemplation (episode #64)

Today I got out of the box of my routine for nature meditation. For the past four days, I have been giving thanks,  observing for ten to fifteen minutes in my back yard, and then recording observations. For a variety of reasons this wasn’t happening today, so I decided to go find a track and meditate on it.

This experience was a deep dive into intense focused observation. It’s a whole different calibre of meditation and observation than my usual sit and observe practice.  There are two things I can compare it to in my faith journey: contemplative prayer and inductive bible study. I’m only going to cover the first one today. I’ll cover the inductive bible study aspect in

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Lenten Devotional, Day 3: Responsibility (episode #63)

Today’s sit spot time had a plot twist that caught me off guard and left me feeling a certain degree of conviction. I felt like I was caught in one of those biblical moments when Jesus is telling a parable and everyone is nodding along enjoying the story, until they suddenly realize, “Oh wait, he is talking about me. And, it doesn’t look good.”

My gotcha moment revolved around a hymn that popped up during my morning meditation. It all started as I was enjoying the bird’s singing. Their morning song was gorgeous. I felt like I was listening to a symphony.  Cardinals heartily where singing their signature call, “pretty day,

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Lenten Devotional, Day 2 : Buddies (episode #62)

My dog, Bert, likes to hang out with me when I sit outside. He lept up in my lap as I sat down for my very first devotional sit spot time. The moment I finished offering thanks, he lept down. He went and did his own thing, while I observed nature and meditated on my senses. Today, he laid down right in front of me, and also sat at my side as if on vigil watching with me.

I noticed many animals moving together this morning: a pair of robins feeding, a pair of jays working a circuit above me crying out a warning of a neighboring hawk, and pairs of squirrels being squirrelly.

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Lenten Devotional, Day 1: Perishable (episode #61)

An old oak stands half dead along my fence line. I’ve been considering cutting it down for a while. Every storm drops a few more limbs, some as big as small trees. Last year, I resigned myself to cutting off a few low lying, dead limbs. Until one day, I heard the staccato rat-a-tat-tat of a woodpecker ringing out from it’s branches. I held off to provide the woodpeckers a habitat for a season.

Today, I watched a squirrel scramble over that same dead snag and put his head in the woodpecker hole. It’s now obviously empty. I am trying to decide

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My Spiritual Discipline for Lent for 2022 (Episode #60)


For over fifteen I have been adopting a spiritual discipline for Lent. These disciplines have varied widely from traditional spiritual practices revolving around prayer and bible study to more creative hands-on practices. For example, one year I went green and gave up my car, opting for bicycling, public transportation and walking. Another year I sewed baby blankets and prayed for the children who would receive them. And yet another, I did random acts of kindness daily. I can honestly say that nearly every year has been transformational.

This year’s discipline will involve a combination of prayerful meditation and writing. Plus, it will benefit YOU. Specifically, I am sitting outside each day and publishing a devotional on the experience. Each devotional will

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