Day 1 – Tapping Into Your Passion

Purpose by definition is “the reason for which something is created.” We’re going to be looking at very distinct clues that point to the unique intention God has for your life.  To get started we’re going to be Tapping into Your Passion. Your passion is one of three core elements of your purpose.


When I say passion, I want you to think in terms of WHO or WHAT you are deeply concerned about.


God places in our hearts deep concerns about particular PEOPLE or particular ISSUES.  These deep concerns (your compassionate interests) can and should be a driving force in your life.


Consider Peter and Paul in the Bible.  Paul wrote in the letter to the Galatians:
“For God, who was at work in Peter as an apostle to the circumcised, was also at work in me as an apostle to the Gentiles.”
Peter and Paul were two men passionately concerned about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but God gave them each a passionate concern for a different audience.


Who do you worry about?  Who are people that you want to see helped?  These people might be specific individuals. For example, I just saw yesterday on the news a woman who was awarded an honorary MBA at her son’s college graduation.  He was quadriplegic and she desperately want him to have a college education so she attended every class of his MBA with him and took all of his notes.


Or, you may be concerned about people with a particular need: the homeless, elderly, children, people with food insecurities, those who are illiterate, people suffering from a particular disease, people who want to play an instrument you know how to play, etc.


You may also have a passionate concern about particular issues, for example, the environment, equal rights, education, health care, exercise, parenting, etc.


What we are talking about is the “RECIPIENT” of your purpose.  In other words WHO or WHAT will be the focus of your purpose. Identifying your recipient is critical. Now you might be curious why knowing your recipient is critical. I’ll be covering that during our LIVE training this evening! So, don’t miss that at 7pm CDT. You can access it HERE.


Today’s exercise is very easy.  All you have to do is make three lists and take a small passion step.  I have created a simple worksheet that you can print out or recreate by hand to help you with this.


ACTION STEP 1:   At the top of the worksheet you will see three overlapping circles that look like this:
Next to the number 1 in the upper right circle write the word “Recipient.”  Don’t worry about circles two and three yet.  We’ll get to them in later lessons.


ACTION STEP #2:   Below the diagram make three lists.


The three lists are: specific people, groups of people, and issues that concern you.  Don’t over think this. For now just pray a moment to center your heart and mind, and then jot down any people or issues that readily come to mind. There will be time to sort or prioritize these later.  For now just get them on paper.  Don’t limit yourself to the space provided.


My lists look like this:
Specific people I am concerned for: My children, wife, mother, and congregation.
Groups of people I am concerned for: Christians who want to have a closer relationship with God and grow spiritually, people who are feeling overwhelmed or depressed and missing out on the joy that God intends for us, the next generation.
Issues that concern me: The lack of play kids have in general and specifically a lack of time outdoors.  The loss of a connection with nature for people in general. A deficit of elders in our culture ie. People who are spiritual mature that we can look toward for leadership. The negative impact of technology on our ability to be present and engaged.


ACTION STEP #3:  Pick ONE recipient and within the next 24 hours take a passion step


Specifically, do something beneficial for that recipient that is out of the norm for you.  For example, I am concerned about my congregation. I am going to send a note to three guests that have been visiting together to let them know how much I appreciate them. I will include some materials to help them understand and feel more a part of our church family.


BONUS ACTION STEP:  Head over to the Facebook group and share the passion step you’ve decided.  You can follow this formula:
“In the next 24 hours I will benefit (insert recipient) by doing the following: (insert action you will take).
Please be sure to let us know how it goes and feels afterwards.


That’s it! Woohoo! Day 1 is in the books and you’ve now found your RECIPIENT(S) which will allow you to tap into the fire of your passions.  Congratulations!  I am proud of you.


Again, tune into today’s training on Facebook Live at 7pm CDT, May 29th, where we’re going to cover why knowing your recipient(s) is so critical.


Lastly, once you have decided your passion step to benefit one of your recipients don’t forget to head over to Facebook and leave a comment on today’s post with it.




John Arnold
The Practical Disciple


Facebook Live Recording for Day 1 Lesson