16 Jun 2019

Dose of the Ghost – Spirit of Power, part 3 of 9 [episode 51]

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This is part three in a nine part series on praying to the Holy Spirit. To access the entire series click the link below.


For this reason I remind you to kindle afresh the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of hands. For God has not given us a spirit of timidity , but of power and love and discipline. 2 Timothy 1:6-7


     There are multiple truths offered to us in today’s verse, but our focus will be upon one truth.  The gift of the Spirit is a gift of power.  The Greek word used here for power is “dunemaos”, from which we get the word “dynamite”.  I once witnessed dynamite exploding.  I was at a 4th of July celebration and sticks of dynamite were laid out on the surface of a dam and ignited.  We were in a canoe easily a couple of hundred yards away.  I could feel the percussion of wind even at that distance and it caused the side walls of the canoe to pulse as a wave of power rolled out from the explosion.  It was hard to fathom how something so small could create such an intense and visible wave of reaction.  Yet, when I consider that power it is really nothing in comparison to God’s power which we are told has been given to us and is within us.

     God’s power is infinite..  God’s power can break the grip of depression.  Comfort the grieving.  Shatter the shackles of addiction.  Melt an angry heart into a forgiving heart.  God’s power can heal.  God’s power can take that which is dead and give it life.  God’s power can love that which is unlovable.  God’s power can rejoice in  all things, even in the midst of persecution.  God’s power is not only dynamite but dynamic.  God’s power can birth stars.  God’s power can humble the exalt and exalt the humble.  God’s power can change, hearts, houses, neighborhoods, nations, and the world.  God’s power shapes all of eternity and it is in me and it is a gift.  Why should I ever fear anything?  Why should I feel any sense of want?  any sense of loss?  any sense of hesitancy?  any sense of timidity?  any trepidation? 


     Dear Spirit of power, thank you for meeting me where I am, weak, broken by sin, fearful, and wanting.  Thank you for finding me in my weakness and filling me with power.   Thank you for word power.  What I mean by that, is that you call to mind just the right words at just the right moment so that someone hurting can be ministered to:  someone feeling down can be encouraged, someone grieving can be comforted,  and someone hopeless, can be inspired.  Someone can hear the Good News.  Thank you for strength, courage, and joy.  All amazingly powerful attributes that our evidence of your presence.  Thank you for healing power–healing of wounds both invisible and visible.  You, O Spirit, are amazing and wondrous to behold.

     Lastly, Spirit I confess that for one who has been given an inheritance of power I live in small ways.  Forgive me.  I do Christ a disservice when I live small by thinking in terms of limitations, and pursuing only what appears readily achievable.  I live small when I allow people being petty, divisive, or gossipy, to get beneath my skin and draw me into anger.  I live small when I allow evil to overcome good, rather than overcoming evil by good.  I live small when allow that which is, to take priority over which is eternal.  I live small when I live in anything less than the fullness of grace I have received in Christ.  Forgive me.  Fill me again to dream dreams, see visions, and speak the truth and joy of your kingdom to a broken world.  Amen.


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Again, you can access all of the episodes in this nine part series by visiting the post, A Protestant Novena, A Dose of the Ghost.

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