28 Nov 2014

Greater Gratitude: Taking Thanks To The Next Level

Gratitude can transform your life. You can begin this journey by giving thanks to God for the blessings in your life. But, what does it mean to not just give thanks, but live a thankful life?

3 Grateful Living Strategies…

In Paul’s letter to the Colossians he exhorted them to do whatever they did in word and deed giving thanks to God in Christ Jesus. This prompted me to ponder, “What does it mean to give thanks via our actions, not just our words?” In today’s video, you’ll learn three specific strategies to move a level beyond just saying your thankful. Specifically, you will discover the strategies of:
1) Working heartily
Paul urged the Colossians to “work heartily as if they are working for the Lord, not for men.” If you are grateful, your thanks should be evident by joy in the work that you do. If you catch yourself ever saying you “have” to do something, consider adopting a new attitude of “I get to do this.”

2) Sharing generously
God blesses people to be a blessing. How has God bless you? What can you do to extend that blessing to someone else?

3) Celebrating joyously
When you are truly grateful, plan a party or do something special to show and celebrate just how grateful you are. When you do so, give God the credit.


My closing gratitude challenge…

If a discipline of gratitude isn’t already a part of you life, I challenge you for the next three weeks to write down three blessings for which you are grateful each day. (Start now by listing three things your thankful for in the comments below.) This simple practice alone can transform your life. You can take this list to the next level though by not just expressing gratitude, but living a thankful life. Watch the video to find out all about this life giving strategy.
John Arnold
The Practical Disciple
p.s. I am so grateful for you, my readers and viewers, for the comments you share and the success you share. May God bless you richly for being such a great blessing to me.

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