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Prayer problems

When I survey people about what is the hardest thing about prayer two core issues repeatedly come up: Finding the time, staying focused. There are a couple of ways to tackle finding the time. First off, let’s own the reality that we find time for what’s important to us. If you aren’t finding time recognize to some degree it is a priority problem. Face it if you are to busy to pray…you are probably to busy. So, hey you may have to get rid of something. But before doing that try linking prayer to something that is already a routine for you. Link it to a meal, a commute, or something as simple as walking to and from your car whenever you get out. That’s one place to start.

Another is to create a specific time and don’t over look space for prayer. Commit for a couple of weeks to praying every day in a particular spot at a particular time. Over time, the spot becomes a trigger to help you get in a prayerful mindset. It also, gives you some privacy so that you can limit interruption and/or distractions.

I find that when I am really struggling for focus, I need something as a guide to physically pull me back into focusing. There are a host of guides out there as printed devotional guides or use a prayer model like A.C.T.S.–Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. A prayer guide not only gets you focused, but it also tends to expand your prayer vocabulary by prompting you to pray about people and issues you would never consider.

So if your struggling for time and focus these are just a few hints to get you started. Blessings!

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