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Magnify the Lord

Some times we just need to slow down and look at something closely. Mary pondered what the Lord was doing when she discovered that she was to have a baby. This baby would grow to be a man that would be the fulfillment of promises made by God long ago. Mary rejoiced. She sang. She magnified the Lord. I hear the word magnify and I think about looking at something closely. The video above is a three minute opportunity for you to slow down and look closely at Jesus. He is the reason for

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The Christmas Manifesto


I don’t want to be passive about Advent and Christmas.  These holy days are not just going to  happen to me. I want to live them intentionally.

I read a Facebook status post this morning that said, “I guess I am showing my age. I love the holidays but everything has to be a hassle, decorating, cooking, work, go here go there. I don’t want to grow up. I want to be a kid again.”  I bet many people can relate to that feeling.  Well, I don’t want this season to be a season of getting run over by commitments and obligations.

If it truly is about Jesus, then it’s hard for

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